Did Trump appoint Ron Paul to the Fed?

I saw the OP and knew it would be a feeding ground for the stupid, the insipid and the uninformed.

As we all know, the Dr. is part of a secret cabal pushing to inflame the world in never ending wars, neocon upheavals, and cashless fed banker control of the world economy. OK, he is the exact opposite of those things, but why try to shed a little truthful light on things?

Let the market rule.

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Hey voted strictly by his interpretation of the constitution.

The story here is it Donald Trump so freaking crazy that I had to go double check the OP just to make sure it wasn’t true.

True, going strictly by the plain language, as written, is a lost art.

You should like him…he wants us back on the gold standard and end fractional reserve banking.

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Lost art? Yeah, I guess you could call The Card Says Moops Textualism the kindergarten finger-painting of constitutional interpretations.

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Let’s be a little more respectful than calling it finger-painting.