Did Trump appoint Ron Paul to the Fed?

This is the only source reporting it. Is this true?

If so thoughts? I do not know how I feel about it.

Babylon Bee is a satirical website.

It would be epic!! But not happening, since Trump was wanting more QE and Ron Paul would be like the Grinch with the purse.

I wasn’t sure…but I thought it was odd that there were no other sources. So it’s like the onion in a way? Learned something new huh?

However when were talking about Trump, nominating Ron Paul is within the realm of possibility. :joy:

Are you kidding me?

Ron Paul isn’t any wear close to being a Conservative, and hardly a Republican.
If anything is would be part of the Republican Establishment Swamp.

The funny thing is that Trump supporters think that Trump is a conservative.


Honestly, I think it’s funnier that Trump supporters apparently think that Ron Paul is an “establishment” Republican.

Ha. Very true.

But we all know if your not lock step in tune with the Trump cult then your part of the swamp.

You’re ■■■■■■■ kidding me. Hey, @johnrandolph, get a load of this.

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Lol at the op…we all get had sometimes.

Great, now I have Ron Paul’s whiny high voice complaining about “The Fed” stuck in my head.

oh would you please explain how he is not a conservative and part of the swamp? i would love to hear this one

Some of his former supporters don’t like Trump. Simple.

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His nickname was Dr. No in congress as he voted strictly by the constitution. Supposedly lobbyist didn’t even bother coming to his office. We would be lucky to have a person as principled as Paul as president.

It showed up from a reputable follow on my FB feed. After reading a few comments I realized it was " Fake News"

Quite simply he does not lock step with Trump or his followers, so he’s gotta be a commie, pinko, Librul, socialist.

Yeah. Quite funny.

They’ve changed conservatism to mean what a New York City Republican mafia con man does.

Uh, nope. Ron Paul isn’t sure chocolate milk is constitutional because of the additive.

Yeah, Babylon bee is a notorious satire site. Funny as hell sometimes though.