Did Texas House Democrats create a super-spreader event?

First, did you guys care about Trump’s indoor rally? Did you care about his Rose Garden event (indoors)? I don’t recall any concerns about them from conservatives. Now they care about the TX Dems.

Now as to the difference. Trump’s events were before the vaccine so represented a substantially larger danger. The TX reps were post-vaccine and are relatively low danger assuming all are vaccinated. But considering the continued mask requirement for air travel it sends a terrible message.

Only; now progs don’t?

I really don’t care about any of it any more.

I am vaccinated and eating popcorn at the authoritarian clinging.



First, why are conservatives caring now?

I already said it was wrong and explained the differences.

Sneaky thinks progs don’t care yet he does so you must be referring to Sneaky as the authoritarian.


I am mostly referring to the media and the variant scariant reports.

My only gripe with the vote avoiders is that they set back mask rule lifting by months for planes.


Because it is your Hypocrisy Tribe now, I imagine. I’m a liberal.

I don’t remember conservatives shutting down the country and trying to shame the attendees then, but I could be wrong.


To, not about.

Is it authoritarian to point out prog hypocrisy? I’ve made no demands.

Problem with fiction is keeping the story line on point.

Stephen King complains about this all the time. He overcomes it by making his novels 2000 pages long with 14 converging story lines.


It’s saying that 10% were infected after being vaccinated? It make me wonder…did those 5 actually get vaccinated or just say they did? Are they actually sick or is this just a stall tactic so as not to vote? Which vaccine did they take and is there a pattern here?


Democrats need everyone to be scared. The last thing the lib left needs is the end of the coronavirus…

The only thing leftists have to offer Americans is a dark vision of a Covid 19 ravaged racist country where government is needed to protect is from ourselves…and of course government is all powerful.

Lefties will never let Covid go away. They need us all scared and willing to give up our freedom.


I ve been on a plane almost every weekend since the end of April. Have the same experience every trip. I don’t have the courage to have printed the picture of those idiots before I got on the plane last Thursday sitting there maskless and to display it to the flight attendant asking “if it’s good enough for these people???”

Point being…the democrats on that plane I m sure had to show Id to get on the plane ran away complaining about showing Id to vote ignoring the mask mandates the rest of us put up with.

They are all clowns.

Again, this is no indication the vaccines aren’t effective.

It’s what you would expect from a vaccine that’s not 100% effective AND a lot of virus circulating around still.

Plus again…a large proportion of UK people have been vaccinated with the AZ a vax, which is much less effective, even at two doses, than the Pfizer (and most likely the Moderna) vaccine.

In the US, both new cases and new hospitalizations are predominately unvaccinated.

How many times are you going to repeat the same BS and have to be called on it?


But Trump. :man_shrugging:


AZ vaccines are only 60% effective against delta in studies done.

Is that what the Fleebaggers took?

Many folks in the UK got the AZ jab.

Additionally the figures are for people who have gotten at least one jab…I know Patrick Vallance…he gets basic facts and figures mixed up a lot.

One jab is only about 33% effective…whether Pfizer, AZ or Moderna.

I was talking about the Fleebaggers. 10% of whom are apparently positive.

Oh you are talking about the Texas Dems?

Yes Pfizer and Moderna two jabs are only about 88% effective.

Wouldn’t be surprised to see 10% of a cluster test positive.