Did Reporters Bring Covid-19 Into The White House?

Inquiring minds want to know…

There is 3 White House reporters who have it & it makes me suspicious that it was a way to “Get Trump”.

The left is so full of hate I really do wonder if they would stoop that low, remember how many of them was gleeful Trump is sick, wished he would die, & even some wanted all Trump voters to die.

Because the possibility of infection spreading the other way (given these reporters tested positive AFTER all the other White House infections) is simply not possible?

And it puzzles me that many of you are so quick to glom on to a plot whose success depends on the President and his staff being completely stupid when it comes to mitigating against COVID.

You sure you want to go there?


Soros paid them, too.


I thought Trump declared it was military and law enforcement that did.

Because you know, “they love us so much and wanted to hug and kiss everyone.”

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No, it just isn’t. Those sicko freaks deliberately self-infected, trying to bring The Leader down.

Probably. It was likely an attempted assassination on the President by the cabal. I’m sure it had nothing to do with these morons choosing to forego masks, social distancing, and holding rallies and special events during the middle of a once-in-a-century pandemic, with a virus raging that is highly contagious and lethal. It could not possibly be that. It is most certainly a conspiracy.


The October criminals should pay for this Dolchstoßlegende

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Yes, it could be the reverse. It’s just the white hot HATE of the left, shown a HUGE light on with the wishes of death on him & republicans does make me wonder who was the original infector.

Globalists against the Patriot.

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You mean like the democrats rioting? Interesting!

A desperate and disparate dichotomy.

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Is it possible there was underlying motive? I mean hey, we’re just asking questions here.

Everything is about hurting the Leader and Patriots.

Wouldn’t doubt it. People eat alive with HATE would.

I love it when Trump supporters embrace nefarious plots whose success relies on Trump being stupid.


It was AOC. She went up to Kellyanne and said “Give my regards to the President”, then walked away cackling maniacally after handing her a big paper bag full of Covid.


Globalists are always infiltrating.

Like 3 years of illegal investigations & hundreds of false accusations? I get this ONE in return!

Fortunately Trump proved anyone can beat the virus in just a few days. We all have access to the same great American healthcare as the POTUS.

Thanks, Donald!

Should i wish death on AOC? You know, like democrats do with republicans…