Did Real Politics rescind their call about Pennsylvania? Will twitter ban them for disinformation?

Votes are still being counted. There are numerous disputes about which ballots should be counted and possible fraud.

It ain’t over till it’s over.

UPDATE: I updated the title to include a question about the original tweets about RCP allegedly rescinding their call. While it is possible that the original tweet was simply a misunderstanding, my opinion is that the tweet about RCP has been a brilliant tactical move / practical joke. It blows a giant hole into the left-wing news bubble. In order to debunk the tweet, they have to admit that RCP never called Pennsylvania and never has declared Biden to be their “President-Elect”. Of course that debunks the media narrative that the election is already decided.



Fake News victim again.

This stuff travels faster than a forwarded spam email, doesn’t it?


Has RCP ever actually moved PA into the blue column?

It almost hurts me to point this out…almost :wink:

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Thy didn’t rescind anything. They never called Pennsylvania in the first place. This doesn’t change anything.

No they have not.

That map has not changed since last week.

Ah, that explains things. I admit the OP had me looking about for articles on the website explaining why RCP had removed PA from the Biden column.

Bad, naughty Bill! You got me. :grin:


And Twitter has not banned them permanently for refusing to accept the election anointed one?

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What does that have to do with the topic of RCP “rescinding their call for PA for Biden”?

I corrected the title.

He’s not the President-elect yet. They are correct. The media cannot bestow that title, only the electoral college can.

I don’t doubt he will be, but he’s not yet.

I thought the comments by the President of Mexico on the topic were interesting.

I’d say you changed the topic completely. But I like this one better anyway.

No, twitter won’t ban. If you’re really interested, here is their statement back in early October on how they would handle people trying to spread false calls:

I think twitter was pretty responsible with their warning labels during the last few weeks.

Interesting indeed.

So too the comments of Israeli Prime Minister, Australian Prime Minister, Canada, France, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Britain, and a slew of other nations offering congratulations. :slight_smile:

Also interesting is that China and Russia joined Mexico, deciding to keep mum until the results are certified, apparently.

They have not applied them that people who have claimed the Biden has already won even though votes are still being counted in swing states with likely recounts and court cases. Nor have they applied them to comments such as these, calling for blacklisting anyone who refuses to accept the media narrative about the election:

Tapper and his colleagues have done the their best to resist, ignore and invalidate the 2016 election results. That included repeated false reports about related the false narrative about Russia collusion. Is Tapper saying that CNN should fire him base on his own behavior for almost four years?


The presidential election is wrapped up, authoritatively called, accepted widely across the reputable media including Fox News. Sorry.

Another new topic. Ok.

Jake Tapper is 100% right. People are responsible for their actions you know? If you don’t want to hire Jake Tapper, don’t.

Not sure what that has to do with the topic or my response and did you apply that standard in 2016?

Perhaps the original title was correct: https://twitter.com/TedMcdonnell/status/1325960050687369217/photo/1

RealClearPolitics shows information from different sources, so there could be some basis for confusion.

The basis for confusion is that your original thread title was repeating false claims from people on twitter, like the one in this post it seems you still don’t understand is not true. Then you changed the topic completely with a new thread title.


So this is what you linked to? What am I supposed to get from this?

Please provide a link showing that RCP has never shown Biden winning the election projection.

So far I have seen zero evidence, only assertions.