Did joe biden Steal Scholarship Money From Some Deserving Black Kid?

This guy just doesn’t stop with his decades long assault on the African American community. We’ve all seen the ads where biden claimed he went on a full scholarship.

It’s a good thing President Trump gave so much money to the HBCUs if they’re admitting privileged, white people like biden on scholarship.

And to think, biden didn’t even want to let kamala ride a bus to public school.


Maybe Feinstein will accuse him of wearing his dogma on his sleeve

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Wow. Only a whole year for the faux outrage to erupt. The Trump hive mind has spoken, so this won’t change anything…

Here’s the video from the rally (part is at 35:30).

Here is the transcript.

Now, I got to tell you, I’m from Delaware. Delaware State University. I have to tell you, I always tell the truth, you’re the second best. Delaware State University’s the best [inaudible 00:01:17]. Because they’re the ones that always [inaudible 00:01:23] brought me to the dance, reverend. They’re the ones. That’s where I got started. That’s where I got … Look, I’m very proud to support our HBCUs and minority serving institutions. Now as president, everybody kind of forgets now because you become so significant.

I understand his comments as “being from” and “got started” in the state of Delaware. That’s where Delaware State University is, and explains why he jokingly says Texas Southern University is the “second best” HBCU.

He never said he “got started out of an HBCU, Delaware State,” as was quoted in the OP article. Search the transcript, watch the video. Find that line. Prove me wrong.

He does have an honorary degree, gave two commencement addresses and has two staff members from Delaware State on his campaign. I know that won’t ease the froth.

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The legend grows.

To Bill Brasky!!

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The OP link is about a townhall in October 2019.

The acceptance speech is from March 2020.

did joe do anything illegal?


Absolutely not. If lying about your education was a crime, Biden would have been in jail when he claimed he graduated in the top half of his law school class.


With 3 degrees.


You’re correct. I guess he’s corrected himself then.

As many people tend to do once caught.

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Original quote: October 2019
Updated speech without claim: March 2020
Delaware State statement: September 2020

Must have a DeLorean. Went back in time 6 months to fix his speech after he was caught. A time traveling president would be pretty amazing.

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It is just the old Joe resurfacing. He had to drop out of the race in 1988 because he got caught in multiple lies that included several examples of misinformation about his educational record:

See video starting at 5:00:

(contains R-rated language.)

Let’s use a candidate admitting to misinformation and voluntarily leaving a race over 30 years ago as a Trump talking point. I’d love to hear Trump address it!

Have no fear, Trump won’t drop out no matter how many lies he tells. Kind of funny thinking he’d have the character to admit a lie in the first place.

We aren’t discussing Trump. Nothing Trump ever did excuses anything Biden did or does.

I’m not trying to excuse Trump for anything. I am questioning why some would be upset about one person lying but not another.

Right, you’re trying to excuse Biden by using Trump. This thread is about Biden.

If Trump broke the law, lock him up the minute he leaves. I don’t care and I doubt anybody else here does either.

I’ve been listening to this ■■■■ for 4 years. Prove him guilty and lock him up. And none of this “no prosecutor would try it either.”

Lock them all up.

Where was I excusing Biden? I gave a link to a speech which was incorrect and I admitted it. I did say he had corrected himself in the later speech which was six months ago. I didn’t excuse him for withdrawing in the late 80’s. I will be less critical on the person who admits his lies and withdraws, however.

I have little doubt Trump will be under investigation and/or prison for the rest of his life. The presidency first put a spotlight on his likely transgressions and his actions as president to shield himself have only focused that spotlight. Once the legal shackles of the presidency have been removed, he will be in a bad place. How bad? I have no idea.

Why are you talking about Trump?

Did Biden lie about going to a HBC?

obviously biden was telling those kids trying to better themselves “You aint black”

Sure it does. It always will.

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