Did Houthi rebels in Yemen screw up targets?

2 rockets hit Iranian oil tanker off Saudi Arabia coast. I wonder if Iran’s Houthi rebels in Yemen screwed up their targeting¿. The Houthi rebels are not that bright anyway.

Quick call Chicken Little, the sky is falling.


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I hope no fish were hurt.

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There are clearly brighter than the Saudi Arabians, having managed to destroy three Saudi Arabian brigades in combat.


That is embarrassing.

The Saudis use American equipment, ranging from body armor to rifles and artillery. They also have the best equipped Air Force in the region (provided again by the United States). And they still got their asses kicked?

Are we not training them anymore?

BTW, in reference to screwing up targets.

The United States is not exactly in a position to ridicule anybody on wrong targets.

Why Obama Let Iran’s Green Revolution Fail

“The president wanted a nuclear deal, not regime change.”


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The Saudi National Guard has always been a straight up joke. All the best tech in the world and the worst soldiers.

Sounds like Saddam’s Iraq.

Best tech the USSR and France had to offer and they still got their asses kicked by the Iranians for most of that war.

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It’s interesting, the real beginning of suicide bombings as a mass tactic was like a ten year old Iranian rolling under an Iraqi tank with a grenade. I think they have a holiday for him in Iran.

Gave kids plastic keys to unlock the gate to virginville…now go blow yourself up.

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You may be onto something, my brother. Very good comment.

There were so many pre teens who fought in that war.

It’s crazy. It’s like if veterans groups in the US had members who were 10-13 years old when they saw action.

In Iran that’s common.

Mozysafe was a vet of the Lebanese Civil War at about that age.


I remember seeing you mention that.

He had a very unique view on the Arab-Israeli conflict. I didn’t always agree with him but you could tell he was coming from a background of intimate knowledge with the situation in that part of the world.

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The dude’s whole backstory was next level bonkers. Child soldier in a Phalangist militia, got shot in the head, lived, some random British NGO took him back to the UK to give him brain surgery, he survived and then ended up in Kansas City, Kansas. This enormous Arab dude with a British accent.

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You ever meet him irl? Or just Facebook?

Never managed. But we had a pretty active correspondence outside the forum.

That was my homie. I want to say I guessed what part of Beirut he was from after a few questions? Lol. We were the tag team champs of ME threads on the old forum lol.

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I heard stories of when the Iranians bought 4 Alpha subs from the Chinese…not good submariners.

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