Did hillary clinton Accept An award Named After a racist Black Baby Killing Enthusiast?

Smells that way.

You have to wonder exactly how many black babies have to be killed to attain award status?

But at least she stands her ground.

Keep that bottle of hot sauce hillary, but give up the black baby killing prize.


oh good god

what sickos

She certainly does!


Seen many libs defending sanger.

Seen many libs defending hillary.

Seen many libs defending hillary defending sanger.

Buy now even planned parenthood agrees and the nyt is reporting on it, that sanger was a racist eugenicist.

Now you’re joking about it.



Hillary is a terrible person and was a terrible candidate. She could have just turned her nose at Trump’s nonsense and acted like a rational person and we might be saying Madame President today, but she couldn’t get over herself and tried to play Trump’s game, and nobody but Trump wins that game.


thats just their go-to knee jerk talking point

trump tortures them to the point of insanity. that is truly rent free. that’s why they make such absurd allegations.

when you consider how lost they are it becomes truly comical

She lost bro.

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Don’t tell her.

That does it. I am definitely not voting for her.

Can’t she’s too busy getting ready to go to jail. Oh wait …

She killed black babies?

This thread title is problematic

we can still talk about her

esp since shes in the news all the time, oddly

Sanger wasn’t racist, and didn’t believe in abortion. So no.

She is?
Haven’t heard anything on the news. Maybe OAN has her in every lead story.

Sure, sure. Great point.

Didn’t she speak at a klan rally??

Man, that Hillary.

Thankfully there are some here who keep her memory burning bright.


I begin a vigil

Looks like you finally got her.

I wish her well.

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