Did democrats lie to take back the house?

Most to of the seats dems picked up in the midterm were gotten so by running in the center and saying they could work with Trump. Now we see they are the same lock step far lefties as the rest of the party. Not one that i know of is saying they will vote for the wall and border security, but they did when they ran.

I hope independents and moderates reps can learn from this…

“Some newly elected Democrats are increasingly frustrated that they are taking complaints from angry constituents without having a mapped-out plan to end the partial shutdown—which became the longest in modern history over the weekend. Many believe they were elected to Congress to try to end its dysfunction and had hoped to be reaching…”

Nancy says sit down and shut up.


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Democrats did not run to the center, and they definitely did not say they would work with President Trump.


Dem very much didn’t run on building a wall or working with Trump on building a wall.


LOL. Not even close.

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Wrong … That’s why the dem establishment is worried about the far left.

“Many believe they were elected to Congress to try to end its dysfunction and had hoped to be reaching…””

From the guy who thinks Democrats really need to heed the insight and wisdom of . . . Joe Lieberman.


So lies are bad now?


I love when supporters if Trump try to talk about lies.

Where are the pesos?

work with Trump? Man oh man. How wrong can you be, the center? LOL.

The reason the dems smashed the r in the midterms was to work against Trump on Immigration and healthcare. not with him.

show me ONE new democrat who campaigned on working with the President.

Just one.



Which is exactly why Trump cannot be allowed to win this battle.

You don’t resolve dysfunction by giving into the source of that dysfunction.

It would be cute if it wasn’t so pathetic

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You’ve now quoted the part of the text up to where the paywall starts and blocks the rest more than once.

Have you read the rest of the article?


The Democrat turned Republican. who cares what he thinks.


Exactly! The Dem Leadership are Centrist, not the newly elected member of Congress.

Fake News Alert! Fake News Alert! Fake News Alert!

Not one single Democrat who won election by taking a Republican seat said they were running on the promise of building the stupid Trump wall. An idiotic solution that solves nothing. Lol


Exactly. Rewarding bad behavior only encourages future bad behavior. Trump needs to be treated like a child in this regard. Because that is what he is. A child throwing a temper tantrum. He had 2 full years of Republican control, and waited until him and his party got their asses handed to them in the midterms to begin to pretend like he cares about this issue. He never cared about a stupid wall. It was the brain child of two aides on the campaign trail, that used it as a way to make sure Trump wouldn’t forget to mention illegal immigration at rallies. These aides knew punching brown people in the face was their best shot at winning with their base.


It’s weird. I don’t agree with conservatives and think their ideas are largely terrible (if not worse, in the age of Trump). But this place actually does provide some insight into how Republicans think, which is useful and informative. I recognize where the party is. So I’m probably not going to come in here with some dumb article by David Brooks or Steve Schmidt or John Kasich or Jennifer Rubin or David Frum or whoever, and pretend that it matters a lot to the right wing base. LOL.


Interesting how you blame Democrats yet refuse to place any blame on Trump who had full Republican control for 2 years and was unable to negotiate jack all with his OWN party.


CNN makes dems think Trump said Mexico will write a check… That’s how fake it is…