Did China kill George Floyd?

According the autopsy reports, George Floyd had a high level of fentanyl in his system that is consistent with a lethal dose of the drug:

A large portion, probably a majority, of the illegal fentanyl is made in China and comes to the US through the mail. Mailing fentanyl to the US is not illegal in China, and China does not allow extradition to the US.

Would the police have ever been called if George Floyd was not high on fentanyl that most likely came from China?

Would he have died from a fentanyl overdose even if the police had not been there?

Are the leaders of China responsible for the death of George Floyd?

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“Are the leaders of China responsible for the death of George Floyd?”

No. He’s responsible for his own, for choosing to use.

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Are those sanctions still in effect?

Not for long given Biden’s rapid cave-in to China.

Floyd was also positive for COVID, another export from China. The total US deaths from COVID and fentanyl are close to US combat deaths for the Civil War, WW1, WW2, Korea, and Vietnam combined.
It is as if China is waging a highly successful warfare that is not restricted by the international conventions against biological and chemical weapons.

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no the police officer that stood on his neck for 9 mins killed him.


Don’t ■■■■ with the narrative.

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So according to the ME, Floyd had a level of Fentanyl in his bloodstream high enough to possibly kill him. Talk about bad timing. Had the cop not intervened the way he did somebody might have just found Floyd’s lifeless body somewhere and the cause of death would have been called an overdose.

It doesn’t matter at this point. After all the riots looting, burning and killings, and praising of BLM by Democrats, it is too late to change anything just based on facts.

Don’t ■■■■ with the narrative.


Would the police have been called at all if Floyd had not been acting incoherent and high on fentanyl?

It is not reasonably possible to determine what a lethal dose of fentanyl is, for a habitual user. It is entirely dependant on tolerance.

A dose that would kill one user might be so small to be ineffective to another.

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They weren’t called because he was “acting incoherently” - nor is “acting incoherently” something one does while high on opiates.



The police were called because he tried to pass a fake 20.

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this is now highly debatable

it’s based on evidence.

the foot on the neck rioting narrative is the narrative

nice try

while full of lethal levels of drugs

hey at least he wasnt pulling a gun on a pregnant woman’s stomach while his loser hood buddies robbed the place huh?

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his behavior was indicative of use of this drug


talk about widespread programming

Do you even know what a ■■■■■■■ dope overdose is, my word.

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If he was full of lethal doses of opiates, he would have been dead.

or would soon be dead right.

all depends on when he took them huh

I do remember thinking, watching that man beg for his life for like eight minutes until he slowly asphyxiated, this is probably China’s fault, not the guy with his knee on his neck.