Did Biden make a White Power hand gesture as a sign to his neo-Nazi followers?

He flashed the White Power hand sign three times in the same speech today. See 14:12, 14:15, and 14:37 in video below.

Clearly he should have known better than to use such an offensive gesture:

The multiple use of the White Power gesture comes after the endorsement of neo-Nazi leader, Richard Spenser. Biden still has not personally denounced the endorsement.

Does the video show a sign of solidarity with Biden’s neo-Nazi supporters?

Is that okay since he is a Democrat?

Well ■■■■ … guess I’m voting for Trump now.

Fever dreams


A utility worker was fired for making similar gestures.

I guess they are okay if you are the Democratic presidential nominee and not just an average Joe.

Yeah…sure does look like it.
I don’t want to vote for a guy who sympathizes with Nazis and perpetuate white supremacy. Hell, he probably is okay with those traitors of the confederacy and totally against taking down statues honoring those sorry bastards.
Trump 2020


Fever dreams dude. It meant exactly what he was saying.

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Biden did call a Confederate heritage group “fine people” back when he was a senator:

He has also bragged about his ability to work with segregationists.

I guess segregationists were “okay” with Joe. The same hand gesture appears in the video at 0:21.

Yep…you totally have it pegged there. Everyone should be well versed in the hand gestures of neo-nazis. :joy::joy::joy:

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Biden wanted to one-up Obama and his terrorist fist jab.



The supposed white power hand gesture is nothing but a troll from 4chan whackjobs that went viral.


Yes, but average people can lose their jobs for the gesture nowadays.

Shouldn’t that kind of policy be even more strictly enforced for a presidential nominee who is pledging to end systemic racism?

If he can’t even change his own hand gestures, how can he possibly change the entire country?

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No. That guy probably shouldn’t have lost his job, though I don’t know the particulars of the incident. Virtually everyone uses that hand gesture and you think they should stop because some psycho trouble makers at 4chan trolled suckers with it?




The story is highly suspect. I doubt this is the only reason he was let go.

Its a dog whistle.

Here is another example of an employee being removed after the hand gesture.

Military cadets were subjected an investigation and ridicule:

Of course AOC made the same gesture without any problems:

Being a Democrat leader has its privileges.

I don’t think AOC is really a white nationalist. She just doesn’t want to alienate their vote.

Had this been Trump at a rally, it would be front page on HuffPo for the next three weeks and a half-dozen Trump hotels would be towering infernos by the weekend.

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Yes. Even for the crazy world of politics, the level of hypocrisy is off the charts.

Biden has made the fine people hoax the center of the his campaign, but he still has not personally rejected the endorsement of the Charlottesville neo-Nazi leader.

Repeatedly making white-power hand gestures is the icing on the cake.

The ADL also noted, however, that usage of the hand symbol “in most contexts is entirely innocuous and harmless.” It adds that “particular care must be taken not to jump to conclusions about the intent behind someone who has used the gesture.” :ok_hand:

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Not too long ago the very same people saying it’s no big deal were ■■■■■■■■ bricks if anyone fro the right side even inadvertently made this “gesture”. :laughing:

Guess a little hypocrisy keeps things fresh.

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