Did Biden let his true feelings out during a speech to troops in 2016?

The video should be easy enough to verify; there appears to be many troops who witnessed the speech.

If true, is this slur against American service personnel a variation of the “deplorables” and “bitter clingers” put downs from Clinton and Obama?

Or is it different since it is directed against people who are directly responsible for defending the US?

Lol…I’m laughing because this was meant to be a serious thing.



Trying to be Patton.

And failing miserably.


You think it is funny that the person running for the job of commander in chief appears to have such disrespect for the American armed services?

Who Trump?

It was obviously a joke…and before the video clip is cut off you can see the servicemen laughing and clapping.

In that same speech he called them one of the greatest generation of warriors the world has ever known and thanked them for the sacrifices they made.

Obviously he respects them and was doing, as was pointed out here, a very bad Patton imitation.

This is silly even for Trump supporters.

. . . if you don’t respect our troops, you can’t lead them. --Joe Biden campaign ad

Sounds like Biden should withdraw from the race by his own admission.

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Doubling down, I see.

More’s the pity.


No he didn’t. Lol. But love these threads.

Sometimes the “he did it too” gambit just doesn’t work. This is one of those times.

Based on Biden’s logic, allegations only matter if they come from Atlantic based on anonymous sources that are contradicted by several public sources.

There’s plenty to no like Biden for.

This selectively edited clip is not one of those things.


The article includes a longer clip in context.

I never heard Atlantic or Biden say that the alleged comments by Trump could have been a joke so they are no big deal. Based on Biden’s own logic, he is unqualified to become commander in chief.

Who are you trying to convince? Yourself or Biden supporters?

“Everyone else is doing it” didn’t work when I was a kid, and still doesn’t.

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This isn’t going to stick. It’s clear even from that editing that he’s kidding around, albeit as awkwardly as possible.

He was just trying CBA. Trying to be part of a group he could never earn his way into. It happens frequently.

Does that have anything to do with your example of Biden ‘bad mouthing’ the troops and how far that claim missed the mark? I fail to see the connection.

Agreed. That’s exactly what was going on.

If one wants to believe that is not showing respect to the troops I suppose one can believe that.

Me? Well…imitation (sort of) is the sincerest form of flattery.

Biden is a geek trying to act cool.

I think there is an outrage contest going on between a couple members here…lol