Did Biden blather incoherently in response to questions about sexual harassment?

Here are the quotes in context starting at 3:20:

Biden’s full quote is still blathering and disjointed, but it is clearly much more coherent.

Does editing out the more coherent parts amount to lying by omission?

Is the selective editing equivalent to the fine-people hoax?

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I wish I had never quit smoking because that video just gave me cancer. lol

The original makes sense.

The re-edited one does not.

It is manipulated and therefor wrong.

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Twitter has that video marked as manipulated.

It’s obvious that it is.

I don’t know much but the expressions on some of those gals faces were priceless!

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And yet Trump supporters are still okay with his ■■■■■ grabbing comment.

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Biden sniffs other people’s kids and his supporters are mad about a video of him being slightly edited for effect.

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Not mad.

Just mystified as to why people would disseminate obviously edited video.

Biden has made the fine-people narrative using a similar hoax edit technique as a basis of his campaign. Should all his campaign videos based on that hoax be taken down?

For reference see video from 10:50 to 12:15.

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And then seal clap to it

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I agree, the unedited videos of him sniffing and grabbing people’s children is more than enough reason to not support him.


But then why use mspaint to make it more egregious? If he is a weirdo he is a weirdo.

Funny that.

Exactly my point. No sane person would ever support someone who grabs 'em by the children.

I don’t know why people want to keep reminding everyone of the President failing the absolutely easiest test of his career.

To without any equivocation denounce NAZIs.

It seriously was a huge lay up that he could have spiked and he hit it into the net

Keep reminding people of this.

It will work out well.

There is elaborate joke that i was going to make as to your quadruple entendre but i am leaving it alone as it probably sounds better in my head.


Is Joe Biden a child molester? I’m trying to figure out the angle here?

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If someone says i am going to grab you by the children or say punch you in the ovaries i am not sure that makes them a child molester.

It means they like lamp.

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Among a certain crowd that listens to way much Joe Rogan… yes.

I am sure we are going to be treated to the same three pictures that we have seen over and over.