Dicks sporting admits gun policy hurts sales

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Someone is boycotting them and they’re not liberals.

Dicks’ instituted a stricter gun sales policy.
As a result, sales of guns to 18-21 year old’s declined.

Wasn’t that the purpose of instituting the policy?
The OP data shows that Dick’s implementing the policy had the desired effect.


Stock price Jan. 12, 2018: $33.33
Stock price Jan. 11, 2019: $33.30



Hey man…a 1% decline is HUGE.

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As to your first sentence:

Rush Limbaugh and Hugh Hewitt called for conservatives to not spend money with GM after the bailout. Rush called them an “Obama company.” Hannity promoted the Media Equality Group’s boycott of Maddow sponsors.

So, unless you are calling Sean and Rush anything other than “true conservatives,” your statement is either willfully ignorant or a lie.


here is a comparison of Dick’s stock (blue) and the DOW (red) since July…

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That’s why they’re happy to have only a tenth of one percent decline. :wink:


Oops…one more decimal place…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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When they go out of business, maybe the Republican Party will take their name. It fits so well.

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What’s wrong with boycotts?

S&P retail select index down 7.25% during same period…