Dicks sporting admits gun policy hurts sales

Seems dick’s is suffering the same thing that happened to K-mart back in the day. Their gun policy is hurting sales and the stock is sliding. How’s K-mart these days?

“Revenue dipped 4.5 percent”

I hope they stick to their guns. (Pun not intended.)

There’s nothing wrong with gun-sale restrictions - it’s common sense.


So are you advocating that moral decisions should be based on a dollars and cents calculus?

“We’ll do what we think is right…unless it hurts the bottom line”.

That sounds about right…

You can be drafted at 18, so why are they treating them like children?

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All they did was make people’s lie less convenient. If that the goal of their store, fine…

…and remember Obama care originally had death panels.

This response was not an answer to the question I asked. Not sure what it was as it was not very coherent.

Would you like to try again?

I don’t think it’s moral to treat 18 year olds as children and different than other adults…

So don’t shop there.

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It’s been about a year since this exact thread faded from the front page

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Looks like they shot themselves in the foot.

Who’s treating 18 year olds as children?

Integrity costs everyone something. If it didn’t come at a cost, it wouldn’t be an admirable trait.

Wait a a minute…

Now that’s comedy…:sunglasses:

Really? This is the Examiner…

Dicks sporting… obviously…

Its a private company so they can do what they want. :woman_shrugging: They have to answer to the BOD and stock holders.

I would say though if conservatives took a cue from liberal leftists and called for a boycott of Dick’s their stock would be even lower but it’s enough that Dicks is shooting (pun definitely intended) themselves in the foot and will eventually drive themselves out of business on their own!

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They may not. If the policy is hurting stockholders, they can be taken to court for not maximizing profits.

So, I guess conservatives should keep boycotting Dicks.

There has been no call by a true conservative to boycott any company that’s a leftist tactic. People can choose to buy from other companies and apparently they have where Dick’s Sporting Goods is concerned.

The same with Target and Starbucks whose bathroom policies have caused a drop in their stock because people just choose to go elsewhere, there is no major campaign to boycott!

Well that’s #FakeNews.