Diamond and silk to testify in front of House Judiciary committee

"Popular pro-Trump YouTube duo Diamond & Silk will testify next week before the House Judiciary Committee as part of a hearing examining “social media filtering and policing practices.” The flamboyant vloggers became a Republican cause célèbre at last week’s Facebook hearings (receiving more attention than more serious issues) after they claimed they were censored by the social-networking site for their right-wing politics. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg apologized for “an enforcement error” and said the website had reached out to the duo to resolve the situation—a claim Diamond & Silk disputed, despite email evidence proving them wrong. "

Oh God yes. We are reaching peak '18 far sooner than expected.

I’ll get the popcorn ready.

I hope the GOP nuts in the house never change.

it would be perfect if they invited Ted Nugent to be a guest panelist to ask the questions.



How lovely. Got to hand it to the Trump Party in control of Congress, nothing too sleazy for promoting as mainstream.

The GOP just keeps shrinking that “big tent” down to just the crazies.

Woo Hoo!

why? there isn’t anything Congress can do about it social media are all privately owned platforms.

Does your post have a point?

so privately owned business are allowed to discriminate now?

You give them the right to discriminate you when you sign the TOS

ah… so if one has a similar TOS when you walk into their cake store it’s Ok then.


I really take issue with this post. Not all black women are “crazies”.

Absolutely nothing set those women apart aside from the color of their skin. But progressive liberal Facebook staff had decided what black women were allowed to say and what they were NOT allowed to say. Just because these women failed to “kowtow to the old order” ( to use Clarence Thomas’ words), now comes the accusations to delegitimize them with the pejorative “crazy”. I object.

I suppose that would depend on the PA laws in your state. Pretty weak attempt at conflation.

I was trying to keep the Canadian relevant. He’s not a bad egg.

Lou didn’t say that all black women are, “crazies”. And it’s disingenuous of you to suggest that he did.

Yes, something apart from the color of their skin sets them apart.

Object all you want, it rings hollow.

no no no…I learned my lessons well.
All criticism of Obama was because he was black. The recent arrest at Starbucks was because those guys were black.

I’m a quick study.

The label of “UNSAFE” was given to Diamond and Silk because they are black. All criticism of them now is because they are black.

See how it works?

Being black doesn’t make them crazy. Being Pizzagate conspiracy theorists just might. Well, either that or they know there is an audience for minorities telling conservatives the crazy **** they want to hear.

are you suggesting that minorities are not able to think independently? But like minstrels, they are just entertaining white people?

I don’t agree.

I see how you work, and it’s becoming tiresome.

yeah…I bet it IS tiresome to have your logic proven defective time and time again by examples that use the exact same logic but are easily proven false by all concerned.

Too funny.

Hang on. They feel for Pizzagate? Do they still believe it?