Diamond and Silk: Black Voter Support for Trump Surging!


President Donald Trump’s support among black voters continues to grow amidst record low unemployment rates, a strong economy, and legislation targeting the advancement of black American small businesses (Zogby Analytics Survey). With a 30 percent approval rating among black voters, Trump is on the verge of delivering a red tsunami on November 3rd 2020 when he is reelected for his second term.

Decades of failed legislation enforced by Democrats has left black Americans displaced and in broken communities, saturated with crime and high murder rates, with families ravaged by poverty and prison. Unlike the previous Democrat administrations, President Trump did not forget about black Americans. His criminal justice reform has had an immediate impact, turning back the clock on Democrat legislation that contributed to the mass incarceration of millions of black Americans.

In addition, President Trump has championed legislation that is opening opportunity zones for minority businesses, and removed Democrat boundaries that limited school choice for the children of black mothers. Fake news pundits are deceptively quoting a Washington Post-Ipsos poll to further divide black voters with statistics that focuses on racism, while distracting them from the fact that President Trump’s administration is in the forefront of tackling the major issues affecting black Americans.

Mean while, three separate polls (Emerson, Rasmussen, and Marist) all show Donald Trump with a 30 percent or higher approval rating among black voters. Black American voters are “woke” and President Donald J. Trump is paving the way to tackle the issues that Democrats have used for decades to keep black Americans dependent on hand outs and false promises.

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When you look at the participants in the 2nd Amendment rally that just took place, one of the most impressive aspects of it, was the diversity. Libs are in trouble. :sunglasses:


Well if Diamond and Silk said it :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

If you think black people support Trump anywhere above the numbers of the last election, I have a bridge to sell you.

I’m not confident about a lot of things in politics… however what I am confident of is that this number is absolutely false


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The numbers could be off, but what is absolutely TRUE is that Trump is winning over blacks like no other Republican president ever has. Plus the Dems are pushing them out as well with their insane extremism.

When we finally break that propaganda stranglehold and win the black vote, then the Dems are finished. Thats one reason, by the way, that they are trying to get rid of Trump. They know he is winning the black vote.

Libs are not in danger of anything. They likely would be if Republicans even tried a little bit to get our vote. But they don’t, they elect a person like Trump.

They do not even try.

Wrong. It is fantasy land. Republicans will not Even have a remote chance to win the black vote until Trump is out of office.

I have a bridge/opera house with harbour views for sale.

By the way if one accepts 30% support; that leaves 70% that doesn’t.

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You live in the leftwing fantasyland of hate. The movement of blacks to Trump has begun. Trump has given blacks the lowest unemployment numbers ever while Democrats promise jobs to illegal aliens. You are in for a rude awakening.

It was either that…or Hillary? I went with the better of the two…how about you?

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Trump did for blacks what no Democrat ever could, and they know it:
“Historic U.S. Job Market Continues as African-American Unemployment Rate Hits New Low”


This thread is adorable.

A new Washington Post-Ipsos poll finds that 83% of African Americans across the country believe President Trump is a racist and he’s exacerbated the country’s race problems while in office.

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Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, Los Angeles, St. Louis…all great examples of how much lib policies have done for minorities. The good news is, they’re wising up.

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Yeah…Dr. Ben Carson knows how racist Trump is…amirite? :sunglasses:

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Well you can take your polls and I will take my videos and stories from real live actual people praising Trump and attending his rallies.
Real people vote. Your goofy polls do not vote. We will see what happens in November.

Hillary. Who was faaaaaar more qualified than Trump. Even if she was a bit bland and elitist.

Trump is far from bland… but very much elitist and not a student of the political game.

When I need heart surgery and I don’t like my heart surgeons… I am not going to ask for a plumber. I am going to ask for a better heart surgeon. Republicans say they wanted a better politician so they elected a NY Lib Businessman, instead of a highly qualified politician.

Possibly? IDK, you should ask him.

He part of the 5-8% who like him. What does that prove?

…but according to Comey and Lynch…was too stupid to know conducting highly classified government business on private devices…was illegal…amirite? :sunglasses:

I will take polls over anecdotal evidence every time. Thanks.