DeVos now claims she tried to fund special olympics

for the past 3 years Betsy DeVos has tried to zero out funding for the special olympics. She got roasted in congress when she testified about cutting ot.

today trump overruled her and restored funding.

devos is nor claiming that she didnt want to cut it and tried behind teh scenes to fund it saying "“I am pleased and grateful the president and I see eye-to-eye on this issue, and that he has decided to fund our Special Olympics grant. This is funding I have fought for behind-the-scenes over the last several years,”

just another whopper of a lie from this administration

He would make many happy if he fired her tomorrow.

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DeVos is a fool and a liar, and the only thing more laughable than that she’s in charge of the Dept of Education is that Donald is in charge of the Executive branch.

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Dotard Don told Devos to cut it and then hoped she could slide it past the committee.

Plan B: I saved the Special Olympics.

Not a fan of Devos but she just got trumped. Everybody has to take a turn.


Just out of curiosity…as a percentage, how much of special Olympics funding comes from the department of education?

I have no doubt DeVos did as she was told but when those orders didn’t go down well in the media, she was left with the bad and Trump gets the good restoring those funds.

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Approximately 10 percent.

Yet another awful chapter for this administration.

For starters, Betsy Devos should not be the Secretary of Education. She knows very little about the education world. At her confirmation hearing, she showed to be extraordinary ignorant when it comes to public education. It shouldn’t be a shocker. She’s never been a teacher before. She has a B.S in finance, and nothing else. She’s also never been to a public school before.She was only picked because she wants to drain the public education system and her family is a gigantic Republican donor.

Last year, she was asked by Leslie Stahl if she ever attended a failing public school before. You know, to see first hand how the school operates and how things could change. She said not only said no, but thought it was a good suggestion.

This is many examples of how incompetent Trump’s administration is. They know nothing about their job and struggle to answer basic questions.

For the latest example of Devos’ incompetency, she struggled to defend why we needed to defund a popular and highly successful program, which brings dignity and worth to people with disabilities, After failing to defend, she later suggested “It wasn’t my idea” and she tried to keep the program. Give me a break. She is in charge of Department of Education. It was her job to suggest programs in needs of cutting and expanding. That’s the purpose of her job.

Maybe it was Trump who said “cut the program”, but either way, take some responsibility.

Looks like 20-20 will be another election cycle where I will be voting Democrat as a protest against a political party gone insane and indulges in hate and ignorance.

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Devos should be gone.

I would be happy if Trump said that Kasich should take over as President.

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Here’s how our silver spooned president operates…

“Just cut the money to those ■■■■■■■ and we’ll see if anyone notices”.

If DeVos wanted to fund the Special Olympics, why can’t she open her personal checkbook and provide the money needed? She’s beyond filthy rich. She could be a hero.

Instead she tried to cut funding because she’s garbage. She has zero interest in people, only herself and her family. Only reason why this is an issue is because decent people in Congress called her out on it. And the media picked up on it.

Her, Wilbur Ross, and the rest of those uber elite rich clowns should go back to their mansions and yachts and stay away from politics. They have zero clue what middle/lower class Americans need or want.

This is the third year she tried to slash the funds for Special Olympics. She’s playing the supporters as idiots.

10% comes from government.