Devin Nunes spent $15,000 in campaign finances on three Celtics games

Hopefully Fresno voters will get some sense and drain this swamp creature.

drain the swamp…

Another reason why Democrats need to take back the House this coming November.

I would hope his donors would stop giving him money.

He’s Hispanic…



What’s wrong with this? What do you libs think Celtics tickets cost? It costs money to get votes. You have to wine and dine the opinion makers if you’re going to manipulate the crowd.

IT4’s game was tight in spring of ‘17…

Lets not go overboard here. It isn’t like Democrats haven’t done more than their fare share of questionable spending.

Celtics tickets on the tax payer dimes is among the least of concerns when it comes to sleeze bags like Devin Nunes. I don’t advocate for violence but if anyone needed an ass beating it would be that magnanimous, self righteous, and self promoting, ass hat.

I’ve been told time and again by talk radio that Dems have done things just like this, so it must be ok.

Which of these does not belong?

A. Self righteous
B. Ass hat
C. Magnanimous
D. Self promoting

Maybe you were going for megalomaniacal instead of magnanimous? Also would have accepted mega-douchey…

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That was magnanimous in the negative sense, meaning he thinks of himself that way but he certainly isn’t. You are correct though megalomanic would have been a better word choice.