Devin Nunes joins calls for committee's Russia probe documents to go public

“We believe that the depositions that we took, I think nearly about 70 people, those need to be published and they need to be published, I think, before the election,” Nunes, R-Calif., said during an interview on “Fox News”.

I guess they’ll release them in the next few weeks? Or maybe in November?

Bring it on.

Like H. Clinton’s Special Counsel and waterboarding for charity, I keep waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting

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lets get ready to cherry pick!

I’d like to hear from the FISA judges.

I’m still waiting for that damn storm, aren’t there like 57 indictments or something?

Send them an email, then.

What do you expect them to tell you?

Whether or not they believe they were duped?

Nunez lost all credibility already - has to be something neferious he’s intending.

Why is Nunes so far up Trump’s butt?

You’re like a mafia lawyer who is trying to get as much evidence thrown out of court as they can. Which is not surprising because I predicted that very thing on this very board.

How you derived that from my post…only you know because it isn’t rational thought.

Let’s pretend for a second that they were “duped”.

What then? The FISA warrant was for Carter Page. Page had been long gone from the campaign by the time the first warrant was granted. Heck, he was never a big part of the campaign to begin with. I truly believe George Papad. got closer to meeting the president than Page ever did.

So they watched Carter Page doing his own thing after Trump. How is that related to the Trump campaign? Or are you just out after justice for Carter Page?

Hanging on to a hope and a prayer I see

The judge knows what was presented to request this warrant. This is a very, very important part because Page is an American citizen. The judge knows the laws surrounding this better than anyone else and knows if they were broken. I’d like to hear their opinion and remove politics out of it.

OK, just so we’re square here.

Let the record show that Smyrna is out for justice for Carter Page and to remove any potential political bias from the FISA courts. Smyrna admits this has nothing to do with the Trump campaign.

Is that correct?

Smyrna is out for equal justice for all…period. I’ve said this all along and is not some new revelation


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I am waiting for a Devin Nunes & O’keefe Hip Hop Collaboration. They are both highly on point!

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