DEVELOPING: Stock Market ‘SURGES’ 750+ After ‘Blowout Jobs Report’ | Sean Hannity

The US stock market “surged” Friday following a “blowout jobs report” that showed massive hiring, wage increases, and the largest expansion of the US manufacturing sector in over 20 years.

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The stock market is as a radical at the Democratic Party

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Don’t trust but verify this market. We’re 100’s of trillions in debt if you count unfunded liabilities and derivatives. I trust gold and silver not the Fed’s monopoly $$$ fiat currency. Countries like China are dropping the dollar as the reserve currency. Lynette Zang and Greg Mannarino are 2 Econ experts I trust. The Market is fools gold…buy the real thing.31863_102351189814025_100001174336126_18050_4591282_n