DEVELOPING: President Trump WALKS AWAY, Calls Budget Meeting ‘Total Waste of Time’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump abruptly left a high-stakes budget meeting with Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi in Washington Wednesday; calling the negotiations a “total waste of time” after the Speaker said she has no plans on funding his proposed border wall.

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I would like to hear this mantra from all Republicans and the President to Pelosi and Schumer: WHY don’t you care about your own constituents? WHY did you change your tune regarding the wall? WHY.

I hope the Republicans and the President stands firm on this issue. The Dims are attempting to play games and I wonder why they would want to open the government but at the cost of our safety and our money by leaving border security out.

Schumer and Pelosi lie: This isn’t about Trump ‘getting his way’, this is about AMERICANS getting their way!

They are using the federal workers as pawns. Shame on them.

According to Marsha Blackburn the 5.7 B requested for the wall is 1/10th of 1% of the budget. CNSNews states that it is 0.11% of the estimated money to be spent this year by the federal government. So Chuck and Nancy are 100% behind the house bill, but when the Pres wants to add an item that is 0.11% of the projected budget the Dems basically say no, it’s has to be 100% our way or no way at all. Can’t be 99.9% our way and you get a measly 0.1%, that would make it bipartisan. So who is really throwing the temper tantrum? Who is keeping the government shutdown over an item that was added to Chuck and Nancy’s budget that is 0.1% of the total budget? If the Dems dictate 99.9% of the budget it shouldn’t matter how the Pres wants his 0.1% to be spent. Shouldn’t matter if he wants to give money to research the mating habits of red ants or buy toilet paper for monkeys, as long as it’s legal he should be able to spent his 0.1% anyway he wants.

Ask the Dems the hard questions of there prior years comments, have them put the money where there previous mouth is. Also why not televise the negotiations so there is no he said she said. It’s time to stop the lies.