DEVELOPING: Pentagon ‘Reviewing Options’ for Wall Construction Should Trump Declare ‘Emergency’ | Sean Hannity

The Department of Defense is currently reviewing options for border wall construction along the US-Mexico border; preparing a potential game-plan should President Trump declare a “national emergency” for the region.

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The border wall is an emerfgency!! There are 60,000 deaths from overdose annually; 80% are from Fentanyl which :equals 48,000. 80% of that comes from Mexoco: equals about 38,000 deaths. We need to stop the saughter of lives from drug overdose. A wall would help.

How do we pay for this? Charge a tax on anyone who has a barrier wall arounf their property. Charge an annual tax of $1 per lineal yard. For electric gates or bars on windows it will be $1 per lineal foot. Anyone who eleminates a wall will be allowed a tax deduction. Elimination of wall or fence access to beach property will be afforded a tax credit for the cost of removal. Support or retaining walls are exempted

This way only people who believe in walls or barriers to property would pay for the tax which will go to pay for protetion at our borders!

Engineer Battalions at Army bases in Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and other states are constantly building , and destroying, things for training. There is no reason that they can’t doing their training by building walls along the border.