DEVELOPING: Ocasio-Cortez to Introduce Bill to BLOCK President’s ‘Emergency Declaration’ | Sean Hannity

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plans to introduce legislation in the coming days to block President Trump’s “national emergency” declaration regarding the United States’ southern border with Mexico.

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Ocasio-Occasional-Cortex is a blight and scourge on this country. She wants to give away everything she doesn’t work for to those that don’t have any right to it. No, Ocasio, No. We will not sit by and let you do that.

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Nancy is probably encouraging AOC so that she can take the blame for any backlash from the public. Meanwhile, Nancy is already on the way to the most friendly federal judge she can find in California.

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This woman is clueless, ya think you are going to pass a bill? Does she know the president must sign the bill? A veto overide isn’t going to happen. NYers deserve all they get buy sending this------- to Congress!

Hasn’t this woman used up her 15 minutes of fame? So tired of media giving her credit for her unresearched and not well-thought out ideas. And to think that she got 4 percent of the vote in the primary that launched this ship-wreck . . .and went unopposed in the general election. Not voting has a price!!!

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Agreed, but, the more she talks, the Dumber the Dems look for pushing her to the front!:joy: Maybe she can block POTUS with her “Green New :ox::poop: Deal” :roll_eyes:

The bill will have to pass Senate and House. haha Also SC is now Ginsburgless

Let? Not going to LET?

She still thinks she is there to sign bills ? The president has the authority and option of issuing executive orders. She has no authority in this matter. Of course she is entitled to an opinion.