DEVELOPING: Ocasio-Cortez THREATENS to ‘Subpoena' Trump Jr. for 'TROLLING'

Originally published at: DEVELOPING: Ocasio-Cortez THREATENS to ‘Subpoena’ Trump Jr. for ‘TROLLING’ | Sean Hannity

Incoming Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez directly threatened Donald Trump Jr. with “subpoena power” on social media Friday; saying “keep it coming” after he posted a scathing critique online.

The future legislator warned the president’s son on Twitter Friday afternoon, posting “I have noticed that Junior here has a habit of posting nonsense about me whenever the Mueller investigation heats up. Please, keep it coming Jr - it’s definitely a ‘very, very large brain’ idea to troll a member of a body that will have subpoena power in a month. Have fun!” she tweeted.

Cortez’ comments come days after she came under fire from both parties for directly comparing members of the ‘migrant caravan’ in Tijuana with “Jewish families” who fled the Second World War.

She didn’t threaten to subpoena Trump Jr. for trolling.

Read it again.

They’re always victims.


Cons and trump team are unhinged


Cortez derangement syndrom

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I watch this woman on television and I am totally blown away by what comes out her mouth, and at 67, I can say for certainty that she was smuggled into Congress by the writer’s of SNL. If not, then they have some prime time material with this woman.
Just to give American’s a little humor in our lives, we could make her Sec. of State. Can you imagine her with Rocket Man, or Netanyahu who believes Jordan is an annex of Israel.
She would be advantageous in there would be no need for an interpreter as I do not understand the language she speaks, and at times I think she has created a brand new language.
She definitely would be a breath of fresh air to the terrorists that surround Israel and within a week or two she would be supplying them with nuclear suitcases, but only for defensive purposes.
This youngster has a soft spot for these thugs.
Rocket Man would adore and respect her only because he is taller than her. It would take no time for NASA engineers to get his rocketry up to snuff.
All kidding aside, who voted her into office? I gotta believe it might have been some Maverick Shunned Amish folks.
Hey, Let’s enjoy the ride following her signing bills, and that came right out of her mouth. I urge the President not to use her in his off the cuff news conferences, as SNL has a patent on her. She is a rare bird let me tell you folks, but could be dangerous if we do not corral her up.
Just Saying

the op didnt say that she did

she is literally an idiot. a naive, immature idiot

perfect to represent dems

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it’s funny that she is such a twinkly eyed snowflake that she cant take a little twitter trolling without threatening to use the power of government against a private citizen

so typically idiot leftist

Read the OP’s lead in to the thread.

Then come tell us it doesn’t say what it says.


I see she’s back peddling. Think her masters told her to sit down and shut up so she doesn’t spill the beans.

Read the title of the thread.

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perfect proof that it doesnt. thanks

there is no “her politics” because she is definitively too much of a naive idiot for that. she is lost in a world where she doesnt belong but msnbc wants her.

the only thing she is “handling” is her braindead media vehicle provided for her to be relevant

empty 3000 dollar suit

she is sarah palin, but actually stupid instead of being trapped in a 5 second sound bite cbs narrative with katie couric.

short of smashing out atm’s and blocking traffic with things scrawled across her forehead in black sharpie on election night, she’s a true leftist role model

“subpoena” is in quotes

not literal

take a breath

whatever you say, chief. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

quotation now “means” “not literal”

She’s not wrong. Jr is in deep ■■■■■ perhaps trolling congress isn’t the best use of his time. Perhaps he shouldn’t make a pattern of it every time Mueller does something to remind everyone that Jr is in deep ■■■■■

As with an onion, one must peel away layer after layer to get the core of her intellectual processing defect, which is Marxism, which smell worse than any rancid onion.

That’s some poetic imagery there.

None of it helps Don Jr though, who is going to be indicted.

yes they set apart the word or phrase

sorry for english