DEVELOPING: Judge in Flynn Case Orders ‘Deported Asylum Seekers’ Be Brought Back to US | Sean Hannity

The federal judge presiding over the case against former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn rebuked the White House Wednesday; saying all “deported asylum seekers” must be returned to the United States until their applications are fully processed.

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Would this include those ILLEGALS who turned down Mexico’s offer of asylum?

Supreme Court here we come!

I wouldn’t do anything a communazi judge says until the SUPREME COURT can spank his DUMB A$$.

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No more need for the Executive or the Legislative branch seems the Judicial branch is running this Nation these days!


Our Founding Fathers of the USA are sick; there is no question!
They warned us about this insanity from a run away judicial branch. When the president of the US cannot project the Boards it is time to impeach some judges and the Congressman to reastrict the Judges abuse of power when it comes to invasions.

Is this guy getting his queues from Senator Flake? Because he sure is acting like him. One minute on the right side of things, then the next completely bass ackwards.

These judges that try to make laws from the bench need to be sanctioned, and eventually disbarred. It’s one thing to feel one way about an issue, but it’s quite another to make ruling based on your opinion instead of the law. I don’t see how they are able to stay one the bench and continue their corruption of the legal system.

Despicable ANARCHIST SOB’S. Never surprised anymore by the DEMOCOMMIE WORLD GOVERNMENT AHOLES.