DEVELOPING: DOJ Charges Venezuela’s Maduro with ‘Narco-Terrorism’

Originally published at: DEVELOPING: DOJ Charges Venezuela’s Maduro with ‘Narco-Terrorism’ | Sean Hannity

The United States government charged Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro with multiple counts of “narco-terrorism” Thursday; saying his government has exported “tons of cocaine” into North America and Europe.

“In a stunning announcement amid the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Justice Department announced Thursday that Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and several other government officials have been charged with turning Venezuela into a narco-state by collaborating with a leftist Colombian guerrilla group that exported tons of cocaine to the United States,” reports the Miami Herald.

“Charged along with Maduro are Diosdado Cabello, a former speaker of the National Assembly who is considered the second most powerful political figure in Venezuela, and Vladimir Padrino Lopez, the country’s minister of defense. All three Venezuelan officials face allegations of narco-terrorism, drug trafficking and weapons violations in a scheme initiated in the mid-2000s that was meant to help the Colombian rebel group while enriching themselves with cocaine-tainted bribes, according to federal authorities,” adds the website.

“Chávez ordered Carvajal, Cabello, Rangel Silva, and others to coordinate [the drug shipments] with the FARC, and Chávez assigned Witness-1, among others, to make sure that law enforcement officials did not interfere with these activities,” according to the DEA informant’s statement.

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