'DEVASTATION': Drone Images Show Total Destruction Brought by Tennessee Tornado, 22 Confirmed Dead

Originally published at: ‘DEVASTATION’: Drone Images Show Total Destruction Brought by Tennessee Tornado, 22 Confirmed Dead | Sean Hannity

New aerial photographs and video show the total destruction surrounding Nashville, Tennessee after severe weather brought a deadly tornado to the region early Tuesday morning; destroying dozens of buildings and killing at least 22 people.

We ducked around this cell and landed at john tune airport around 11:30 last night. Glad we landed when we did. Wouldn’t have been good an hour later. It was the cell that turned into the tornado. Lot of people lost their homes. No one comes together as a city like Nashville does pic.twitter.com/qvCjrYNu0x

— Dierks Bentley (@DierksBentley) March 3, 2020

Drone video showed storm damage in Mount Juliet, Tennessee, which is located east of Nashville.

A deadly tornado struck the Nashville area in the early hours of Tuesday. https://t.co/SPsh3yBf8p pic.twitter.com/P1QHkNRm64

— NBC News (@NBCNews) March 3, 2020

STORM DAMAGE: Cars piled up, hangars and airplanes destroyed at the John C. Tune airport. Officials estimate the damage to be in the millions. https://t.co/n5uMrp8dYX #NashvilleTornado pic.twitter.com/09DBLIESok

— WKRN (@WKRN) March 3, 2020


“Tornadoes ripped across Tennessee early Tuesday, shredding at least 40 buildings and killing at least 19 people. One of the twisters caused severe damage across downtown Nashville, destroying the stained glass in a historic church and leaving hundreds of people homeless,” reports the Associated Press.

“Daybreak revealed a landscape littered with blown-down walls and roofs, snapped power lines and huge broken trees, leaving city streets in gridlock. Schools, courts, transit lines, an airport and the state Capitol were closed, and some damaged polling stations had to be moved only hours before Super Tuesday voting began,” adds the AP.

“Last night was a reminder about how fragile life is,” said Nashville Mayor John Cooper.

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Source: Fox News