Deutsche Bank Staff Saw Suspicious Activity in Trump and Kushner accounts

Must. Defend. Trump.


Let’s see what she said…it’s in the article

Oooops…there it is.

according to five current and former bank employees.

Notice…they also don’t list the number that are…current? I wonder why?

Ok, ok, ok…I wasted 5 minutes of my life; "Ms. McFadden said she was terminated last year after she raised concerns about the bank’s practices. Since then, she has filed complaints with the Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulators about the bank’s anti-money-laundering enforcement."

Take your ■■■■ to court and let the non-political experts figure it out. If they say there’s a problem…then that has more credibility than a terminated, disgruntled former employee’s word written up by…the fake news, never Trump…New York Times. :sunglasses:

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Did you hear that jared and bannon are being indicted??

Did you hear that Hillary is about to be locked up? I could go on and on about the orange one.

Did you hear he’s the owner of 20 golf club championships? That he’s in the top 4% of all golfers in the country per his handicap.

That’s your hangup? Writing style?


Did you hear the one about the effeminate kenyan who healed the planet and made the ocean recede?


Fool you guys a thousand times…

I hope you get him this time.

I heard the one where you said Obama is gay.


We enjoy watching Trump supporters try to defend a piece of ■■■■ politician.

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I give the New York City con man major props. This has been one of the most comprehensive con jobs American politics has ever seen.


Anything to let the mind go empty

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That’s not how it works…

Trump supporters have NEVER supported, Obama or Hillary!

And you know what they say about those who constantly question other’s sexuality

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K…then tell me when you feel the “trickle down”? :sunglasses: