Despots Stepping Up the Violence and Killing Enemies

This is something I wanted to bring up the past couple days while we were all focusing on Kavs ascension. But some really scary stuff is happening in the world, and surprisingly, it’s best summed up by a tweet:

Here are links to full stories:

The Chinese disappeared the head of Interpol, and didn’t tell anyone why until today - accusing him of corruption.

This Russian Prosecutor linked to Natalya Veselnitskaya - yes that Natalya Veselnitskaya - died suddenly in a helicopter crash. Clearly a freak accident, especially the part where bullets were found in the pilots body:

And then even more brazenly and horrifically…

A Washington Post journalist is believed to have been murdered inside the Saudia Arabic consulate in Turkey.

The Authoritarians are getting bolder and harsher. This is just a small number of things Russia, China and the Saudis have been getting away with.

Has the President (or really any American) addressed any of this?

Tough guys. Strong leaders. Not like that wet noodle Obama.

Such disappearances have been happening in communist countries for a hundred years in far larger numbers than you are outlining above.

In many cases hundreds of thousands, or even millions have been disappeared completely never to be heard from again for hears, decades, or eternity.

This is part of why we consider them to be very bad people.