Despite negative, pessmistic news reports, Biden continues to dominate the 2020 field

So far, we have had two national polls – Quinnipiac and Fox New – this August, approved by the DNC, and they both show at least an 11 point lead over the rest of the competition. In Iowa, we had a Monmouth poll, showing Biden with at least a 9 point lead over the competition.

Fox News even asked voters who would they vote for, if it was between Biden and Trump, and Biden had a 14 point lead over Trump.

I am having a hard time understanding why the media and internet chatting class keeps on doubting his chances. It should be pretty obvious: He was Vice President of the United States for eight years AND had a great relationship with the first black (mixed racial) President. That’s why he’s doing so well. Democrats see him as a continuation of the Obama’s presidency. It doesn’t matter to them, if he sometimes does a gaffe or got a little too touchy with women in the past or he opposed a wildly unpopular policy back in the 70s and 80s called busing.

Gaffes don’t matter, and neither does positions held 40 years ago.

Biden is in the lead for two reasons - he’s got name recognition, and he represents a return to normalcy - an elder statesman with an understanding of how it all works.

Biden supporters want an adult in the room. It’s really that simple.


Good commentary Doc. I think 2016 was the year of the rebel, 2020 is the year of bring back normalism.

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Biden has a genuine decency and has lived through some real pain in his life. That also creates a connection with voters who are used to far too many politicians coming off as packaged and fake.

As a younger guy who is looking for a generational change in the the Democratic party, he would not be my first choice, but we could do a hell of a lot worse.

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At least that’s where the Biden supporters are coming from.

We’ll see what happens. I don’t put it past the Dems to shoot themselves in the foot.

I have a soft spot for Joe Biden. That being said, he probably won’t get my vote in the primaries.

If he’s the nominee, theres no doubt I’ll vote for him in the general.

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I don’t wanna hear ■■■■ about gaffes when Trump is trying to bring harm to two Congress women


It’s not so much that it would be a continuation of Obama’s presidency.

Gonna say it, it’s because it would be the most epic swat down of DonniT, to take the presidency away from him and give it back to Obama and co.

It’s just so delicious.

And yes, in the age of Trump, gaffes don’t matter.

And as for his supposed touchiness, I know tons of older men who are just warm-hearted and welcoming like that, and it doesn’t bother me.

I’ll take that over ■■■■■ grabbing, ■■■■■■■ porn stars when the wife is home with the baby, prowling after other men’s wives and joking about that being his personal Vietnam, and dating other women when his wife is home with his 3 little kids, and calling women “Horseface” and “a dog”.

But that’s just me. Others prefer the above.


After he takes trump in the back alley that is

The Ringmaster of the Big Tent is an old, racist, white man.

I can’t vouch for the Dems either. I don’t think the party is very smart either.

My thoughts exactly.

^^^^^This. That’s why Trump supporters are ragging on Biden. They’re afraid, so afraid.

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Biden is being chosen for the libs the same way Hillary was. It’s up to the DNC, not them.

How can one argue with Biden as their pick. He breaks from the old white man appeal of the GOP and brings to the party a certain youth, energy, and vitality that the party needs to rally around.

People just plain like him. He’s got the folksy charm Hillary could never hope for.

TBH, reminds me of Dubya a bit.