Desperation in Georgia - Kemp accuses Georgia Democrats of hacking

Internal polling must be really, really bad for Kemp…

Without disclosing evidence, Kemp accuses Georgia Democrats of hacking

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When Kemp loses, there seriously needs to be an investigation into his actions during this election, There’s no way he’s been above board.

Oh I do hope he loses.

Yup, there was an investigation. He lied. Republican politicians. Liars and cheaters. Human scum, if you will.

" Georgia investigators found no evidence to support Gov. Brian Kemp’s allegation just before Election Day in 2018 that the Democratic Party tried to hack election information, according to a report released Tuesday by the attorney general’s office.

The attorney general’s office closed the casethat Kemp had opened when he was secretary of state, overseeing the same election he was running for. Kemp made the hacking accusation two days before the election."


Of course he would. He had no problem with his obvious conflict of interest when he ran.

Small scale compared to the nationwide Democrat Russia collusion hoax, fed by a DNC fake dossier using information from Russians of unknown source.
Talk about liars and cheaters…that was big time. But I don’t claim that all Democrats are human scum, if you will. That’s going too far.

Your story is intentionally misleading. Just because he didn’t reveal any evidence to the public doesn’t mean they have none.

Personally, I think if you make a specific accusation like Kemp did two days before as n election you owe the public some evidence to support the inflammatory claim.

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Oohh…a conspiracy. Do tell!

When AG’s and LEO’s start an investigation do they generally make their evidence public?


So the investigation is on going?

When they close an investigation, and release a press release stating they found no evidence to support the allegations, it usually means they have no evidence.


unless Clinton or Benghazi are involved.

I didn’t realize the OP was dragging up a story from 2018.

That’s what I thought when the Mueller investigation closed and said there was no evidence of cooperation between the Trump campaign and Russia. Others didn’t think it meant that at all.

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The OP was posted in 2018.

I wonder who drug it up then? Oh it was Lucy, never mind.

Because the investigation was just concluded.

Blah blah blah…all you did was move the goal posts

How weird you would post new info in a thread on the same subject…


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