DESPERATE DEMS: Sen. Warren Says Congress Needs to ‘Pass a Law’ to Protect Mueller | Sean Hannity

Firebrand Senator and potential 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren weighed-in Monday on Robert Mueller’s never-ending Russia-Collusion investigation; saying Congress should pass a new law “to protect” the special counsel’s probe in the coming months.

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I didn’t know congress could undo the presidents powers. What’s the purpose of having separate branches of government when one branch can impede the other. If it would get to the Supreme Court they would reject it.

Ugh. A “…bill to protect the Mueller investigation…”? What BS. How about a bill to protect the overall population of the USA from individuals like Elizabeth Warren and her ilk. Oy!

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Let the demorats pay for this continued waste of taxpayer money, while documented leftist, and liberal criminal activities remain unchecked and unfettered across the board. Damn you stupid people that voted for these traitors to our country, their oath of office and the American People. You are witnessing the greatest losers in American history, highjack our country, simply because the American voters told obummer, michal and killary, to get the hell out because they are incompetant… that’s the simple truth here!

This is more proof that the “all Democrat” Mueller investigation by Mueller, a Rino, is a witch hunt to get Trump impeached. Why would the Democrats in Congress be pushing for a law or bill to protect his investigation?