DeSantis ready to announce

Next stop, White House ?



He’ll have to resign as governor though, right?

Nope, they changed the law recently, IIRC.


But its fair because it applies to anyone who is governor of Florida.


Apparently, Elon is in .

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will announce he is running for president during a discussion with Twitter CEO Elon Musk, three sources familiar with the plans told NBC News.

Musk and DeSantis will host an event on Twitter Spaces, the site’s platform for audio chats, on Wednesday at 6 p.m. ET. It will be moderated by David Sacks, a tech entrepreneur who is a Musk confidant and DeSantis supporter.

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Or maybe he’s still deciding.

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Well, he’s in - but not like “in in” :call_me_hand:

I have been hoping for a DeSantis presidential run ever since his impressive governor win. Unfortunately for him (and us) there’s this big :tangerine: mendacious edifice blocking the path.


I expect I,will be voting for DeSantis in the primary but not the general.


Sigh. I wish we had laws like England that limited campaign season. How many months until the first primary!?



How do they enforce something like that even ? Maybe it’s easier with a parliamentary system.

You couldn’t here. It all runs afoul of The First Amendment. But it’s done with spending limits, medua blackouts, that kind of thing.

My wish will go unfulfilled.


K but even in UK someone could still go on Twitter and announce intent to run like DeSanctimonious is about to, right ?

I think he is probably more into a win for twitter than a specific candidate.

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Maybe. But if England can keep it out of the media, maybe they can keep it off twitter?

But even more importantly, I would imagine the social pressures are intense, and nobody wants to irritate the electorate by ignoring norms.

Our elections are viewed as a ridiculous spectacle over seas, and people don’t want it in their own countries.

Why didn’t you wait until after he announced?

Oh…you wanted to start your own thread.


Why do I have to wait until after he announces ?

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Because I was going wait to start a thread once it became official. :wink:

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