Desantis now says “Fauci My Florida”

Maybe so but I haven’t heard it from DeSantis himself and I am addressing this:

Thinking and saying are two different things.

Nope just an example of how insurance works.

Nobody has announced yet. It’s much to early. Desantis first needs to know if Trump is going to run or not.

Political watchers think he is going to run, though.

It would appear that increased insurance rates (for you) are a result of Trump supporters.

I beg to differ.


I hope he does. I’d support him over Trump.

Your patience in dealing with bad-faith garbage-arguments from Republicans is . . . remarkable after all these years.

I was just stating how insurance works… my insurance hasn’t gone up yet because of unvaccinated people catching Covid. But it’s well within the business model of for profit medical insurance to raise the price for everyone because 40+ percent of republicans don’t want a safe vaccine

Its an addiction really…


Just remember: the " ■■■■ your feelings" principle no longer applies.

For ■■■■■■ sake, it’s July of 2021.

And of course I would oppose him😀

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Apparently 95% of new cases in Florida have not been vaccinated.

His voters are dropping dead… DEAD!
And he’s selling beer coozys that seemingly promote it, and what, I’m making that up?
■■■■■■■ duhhhhhhh"…
Your killing your own voters…

I’ve had an undergrad class in fluid flow and a graduate class in viscous flow where we derived the Navier-Stokes equations, I’m interested in your theory here. Can you explain in more detail so that I can understand?