Desantis now says “Fauci My Florida”

I sincerely hope all of the libs move out of Florida.

I’d like to see our Governor kick out every COVID positive illegal.

If a person needs to wear a mask more power to them. No skin off of anyone’s nose.

But, don’t Fauci My Florida because that guy is a disaster.


What does this have to do with libs?

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Now do Iowa.

Yeah cause it’s the illegals and libs in Florida driving that number up right? :joy:

Come a few months Desantis is gonna be begging for people to get vaccinated he has already started to reverse course.

The transmissibility of the Delta variant is wrecking havoc and it’s become clear those dying are the unvaccinated

He’s already begging…that’s the point of this thread.

The cognitive dissonance in some of the folks here is staggering.

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■■■■■■■■■ your OP was wrong. He as always encouraged vaccination, the date on your link shows that.


He has always encouraged vaccination. What he is talking about is shutting business down, double masking, etc.

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Send those libs back to Jersey or NY where many came from to start with. :+1: :grinning:


I think it’s cute that DeSantis thinks he’s going to make a run for President. Guess Who, a fellow Florida Man is out there, jealous and petulant, envious of anyone who might be perceived as being more popular than him and will happily stab him in the back when the time comes.

Really? I haven’t seen anything quoting DeSantis saying he was running for President in 2024.

My policy makes you pay more if you are a smoker.


More risk for the insurance company.


Is that the only demographic that causes your insurance rates to rise?

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Oh. Well he is if he can solve the Other Florida Man problem.

So, basically you are stating supposition as a fact.

In spite of all the corrupt forces working against him, before he left office, the medical community was vaccinated…if they elected to be? I knew you couldn’t admit, how many lives were saved due to his quick reaction to the virus and initiating Operation Warp Speed. Step away from the sheople troughs and think for yourself. There’s an ole saying that applies here; “try it, you’ll like it”. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

It’s known.

It will be known when he announces he is running.

It’s known now based on his actions. I’m not sure why this is even a point of contention.

But that is who will kneecap DeSantis, fellow Floridian Donald Trump.

It’s pretty obvious.