Desantis now says “Fauci My Florida”

Really…he turned over the handling of the pandemic to the governor of each state so that they could manage the reaction more precisely. He stopped flights from China and then Europe and took a lot of heat from liberals for that. He then placed two professionals on each side and had nightly updates where they each had their say to guide us all in any way they deemed necessary. He then motivated a number of companies to manufacture PPE so that there was never a shortage…and I can testify I never had a problem acquiring any. He launched Operation Warp Speed to both develop a vaccine plus distribute it. When I look around the world and compare how fast all of us have had the opportunity to be vaccinated, I haven’t seen ANY country with a better response in accomplishing this. So what is it that you would have done differently that would have had a much more positive impact?


Here’s today’s exchange between Fauci and Senator Rand Paul and it becomes quite clear why Governor Desantis would have said, “Don’t Fauci My Florida”.

(5) Rand Paul ENDS Dr. Fauci’s Whole Career As He Panics and FREAKS OUT - YouTube

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Your video title is a bit deceptive there. Fauci put Rand in his place.


Great…now please share how if you were in charge, what you would have done differently that would have been a huge improvement over Trump?

How many less infections/deaths would there be if Trump had not ridiculed mask wearing? How many more people would be vaccinated right now if he had the balls to drop the facade, go on TV and tell his supporters to get vaccinated? It will never happen though because his ego won’t allow it.

Dude blew it…and it cost him the election. :sunglasses:

Turning testing over to the governors was a huge mistake and done for purely political purposes.

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The more testing you do, the more cases you have. :roll_eyes:

That’s what I thought. You provided nothing constructive. You’re simply regurgibleating the nonsense you were fed. Here’s a news flash…I’m a Trump supporter and yet I was vaccinated with both doses by the end of March.

K…so what would you have done differently?

Sigh…only 73,999,999 to go. I knew you couldn’t admit Trump blew it. :sunglasses: :beer:

Yup your body your choice I.e. pro choice. Glad to hear it.

Better luck next time. :rofl:

Blue states and biden have pretty much perfected playing politics with the covid.

Especially blue state authoritarian govs.


Not bid against the states for PPE. Centralized testing accusation then distributed it to the states as needed. Instituted a national test and trace program. Led by example on masks and social distancing rather than hosting super spreading events.

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Hmmmmmmm. How long did it take to graze on the title of this video? Lol.

So you don’t believe in “your bod your choice”. Make your mind up there’s a good chap

Swing and a miss again. lol

Your body your choice if it’s you but no else? Got it

And strike three. Thanks for the scratch. lol

Checking in on Florida …