Deputy White House Press Secretary Threatening A Reporter

I saw this mentioned in a couple of threads, but no discussion of it. I thought this article was interesting for a couple of reasons.

  1. A “week without pay” is meaningless, so let’s just get that out of the way.
  2. This Palmeri - why is she doing an article about his personal relationship with anybody?
  3. He got upset, and she plays the misogyny card? The article doesn’t say what he said that was “misogynous”, that I can see. “You’re jealous”?
  4. If it was misogynous, why didn’t they fire him like Jbiden said he would when he threatened them?

I doubt this is over. They will not be satisfied and will demand his firing. After a woman attacked him in his personal life.

If there is a conflict of interest there because his girlfriend is a reporter, the administration should discuss it with him or them personally.

Yes, he shouldn’t have blown up and threatened to ruin Palmeri’s career. But she is not without blame as well.

When are we going to say enough is enough?

It appears that society is at the point where certain identities can say anything they want with impunity, while certain others can’t say anything at all.


Did you actually read the story Palmeri wrote?

Because it’s nowhere nearly as bad as you are intimating, and was about McCammond and Axios’ policies on such matters. There was nothing nasty or gossipy about the reporting.

No, I didn’t. Why is she writing about it at all?

Because Politico needs to fill up column inches?

Ducklo overreacted, and you are overreacting to a story you have now admitted you didn’t even read.

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I said he did. What is he being “punished” for? They will probably eventually have to fire him. If so, for what? Misogyny?

I am not overreacting at all.

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Resigns? Not fired like the Scranton Scrapper said?


The next dirtbag will do better at hiding their threats.


sounds more limbo than disco but ducky nonetheless…

Be interesting to see who picks him up.

Resign before getting fired. Saving face maybe.

“On the spot!”

He was given a week off before he resigned.

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When there is nobody left to cancel?

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