Deplorables and Undesirables

The code word for Jews in National Socialist Germany was “Undesirables”
The word Clinton and The Left now refer to Conservatives as “Deplorables”
Is there a connection?
I don’t know…
Ask Fraulien Clinton!

How about “Illegals.”

Or “Enemy of the people.”

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The correct legal term is “illegal alien” when someone enters or remains in the USA unlawfully.


I prefer indecent human beings.

The America First crowd of the late 30’s were antisemites who admires hitler’s nationalism.

Granted, they did not know about the final solution at that time but they cheered his purging of the Jews.

And seriously-the slogan was America first. Just like trump.

Not conservatives. Trump supporter.

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What happened to “comrade” Clinton?

Yeah but Holocaust era Jews were forced to wear identifying symbols.

Deplorables proudly sport their own T-Shirts that proudly identify themselves as Donny “Deplorables”.

Exhibit 6382919

WOW all you haters of conservatives here sound like you wont be happy till We sew Yellow Crosses on Our sleeves and are marched of to "Re-Education Camps!

So, what’s the weather like there in St Petersburg.

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No, deplorables was used to describe racists, sexists, homophobes and xenophobes. Surely you’re not saying all conservatives are those things, because Clinton most certainly was not.

I can’t read the shirts. Are they saying they’d rather be Russian than Democrat?

Don’t you remember? In Mother Trumpistan fascism and communism are both products of the left. The only extremism on the right is extreme freeberty.


Yes they are.

Freeberty means never having to live by the rules, facts, or morals.

Love this thread. Donald labels critical press as “the enemy of the people,” and uses childish insults against his political opponents (sending his followers into titter of glee).

But yeah - let’s continue to use Clinton as Mother Trumpistan’s version of Emmanuel Goldstein so long as she continues to scare the bejesus out of Donald’s Devotees.

The Unholy Trinity of anti-Trumpist forces hellbent on destroying everything great about Trumpistan.

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