Depeche Mode, Whitney Houston and The Doobie Brothers Inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Depeche Mode, Whitney Houston, and The Doobie Brothers were among the newest inductees to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

I’m quite pleased with the newest inductees, especially Depeche Mode and Whitney Houston. However, I’m quite stunned and disappointed that Pat Benatar and Rufus featuring Chaka Khan weren’t inducted.

But, the good thing is there’s next time. Hopefully, next year!

Popularity contest.

Pretty much. And I love the avatar. I still rock the “Them”, “Conspiracy”, “Abigail” and “Don’t Break The Oath” discs from time to time.

The King is still going strong too.

But, it’s a crime that Judas Priest didn’t get in. They really deserve it.

Whitney Houston is a major talent and when I went through the techno phase in college I learned about Depeche Mode, and I had to google the doobie brothers to see who they were lol. But would you really classify Whitney Houston and Depeche Mode as rock music?

Again great talents Whitney Houston sold a gazillion records, it just doesn’t seem like rock… Pop yes but rock?

Saw Depeche Mode in concert for the first time about 5 years ago. Great performance.


Hey to be fair I did recognize a song though that I have heard on the radio many times I think it was “Listen to the Music”. Even though I was born in 82 I still have a lot of 70’s music knowledge from my mom she introduced me to Queen at a very young age still love them.

Wow, I would’ve thought the Doobie Brothers would’ve been inducted within the first five years.

If country music stars can be inducted, why shouldn’t other genres get the same consideration?

I can’t really comment on Depeche Mode - I think the only song I’ve ever heard of theirs is Personal Jesus (?). But Whitney Houston? Definitely not rock. They need a “pop” hall of fame for those that really don’t belong in rock.

There actually is an American Pop Music Hall of Fame in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania.

And Warran Zevon STILL isn’t in the RRHOF!

And Bocephus STILL isn’t in the Country Music Hall of Fame.

I’m familiar with Whitney and have heard of the Doobie brothers.

Never even heard of the rest.

You’ve never heard of Nine Inch Nails?

Lol I didn’t know that, no they shouldn’t be allowed either imho. I don’t keep up with it they just all seem like different genres, and am I a bit surprised as popular as country music is that there isn’t a country music hall of fame.

Why not? They were rock

edit: nevermind I thought you were replying to my NIN post

I was a bit into techno but was huge into the band “Muse” at one time and they had listed Depeche Mode as one of their influences.

+1 on Muse

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