Department of the Navy Press Brief (4 Little Crappy Ships, err Littoral Combat Ships to be retired way early)

This is not, by far, the only thing to take away from the above Navy Press Brief. It is rather insightful on just how truly pieces of garbage the Littoral Combat Ships Actually are.

The Navy plans to decommission the first four LCS hulls in 2021.

USS Freedom (LCS-1) was commissioned on October 8, 2008. Total life span 12 to 13 years.
USS Independence (LCS-2) was commissioned on October 16, 2010. Total life span 10 to 11 years.
USS Fort Worth (LCS-3) was commissioned on September 22, 2012. Total life span 8 to 9 years.
USS Coronado (LCS-4) was commissioned on April 5, 2014. Total life span 6 to 7 years.

What a ******* wonderful investment by the Navy.


Here is a more productive investment. They COULD have bought 1 million cases of beer and gave them to sailors to drink, let the sailors **** the results into the ocean and sea how much the ocean rose. :rofl:

It would have probably been a BETTER use of money than the LCSes. :smile:

Other material I will cover tomorrow, but I wanted to deal with the elephant in the room first. :smile:

It’s easy to waste money, when it wasn’t your sweat that earned it. If it was, you’d spend more wisely.

Weren’t these pieces of crap 1.5 billion a piece?

Also another question. What is the Navy going to do about the naval gun amphibious support role that the Zumwalts were supposed to fill? I thought congress had mandated that years back when the Iowas were finally stricken from the register?