DEN OF SPIES: Experts Say ‘50%’ of UN Week is ‘Intel Gathering’ for Foreign Agents

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The yearly meeting of world governments during UN Week in New York City is a total “den of spies” according to foreign relations experts, with some analysts saying at least 50% of attendees are there for “pure intelligence gathering.”

“Only 50 percent of the UNGA is about diplomacy, the other 50 percent is pure intelligence gathering. Within the U.N. building’s walls it is very diplomatic, but outside it is pure chaos - a total spy game,” said Larry Johnson of CyberSponse.

“Every country is engaged in spying at this event, and they have their intelligence/surveillance teams come in at least a week in advance, often from different ports of entry, so they are harder to trace,” said Johnson. “They will be doing every type of surveillance you can imagine, from intercepting cell phone traffic and WiFi to bugging hotel rooms, visual surveillance (photography) and in-person reconnaissance.”

“With the city becoming the world’s melting pot for the month of September, those interested in espionage can essentially have a one-stop shop for assisting a country or being a double agent for another, with plenty of cover story options given the numerous events,” Erik Rasmussen, Principal Head of Cybersecurity and Risk Management Solutions for private security firm Grobstein Teeple, told Fox News.

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Does anyone seriously not think we aren’t spying on the attendees?