Dems to request Trump tax Returns




The House Oversight Committee will be very busy. The current Congress has provided basically no oversight. It is difficult to know where to start.


Nobody was talking about the President.



You probably should have said “precedent” instead of “president” then.




And then what?

What if you find that you personally benefited from his policies (such as the 2018 tax revisions)? Will you give the money back?

Most likely, you wouldn’t have a clue as to what you were seeing in his returns as it regards policy. This chest thumping routine from liberals is pathetic.


We have been over this and over this… The law does not require ANY reason for the house ways and mean committee to request the returns… There is NO LEEWAY in the law… The law was DESIGNED to allow no other branch to interfere in the request…


He should have read the typo (autocorrect) in context then.


Did you not see the 2nd sentence? The openng sentence was a harmless poke that anyone with a sense of humor would of laughed off.


Only Samm knows what is and isn’t funny. He’s told us so.


I can’t believe you had the nerve to type that asinine question. Bullying in defense of a guy who is a bully. Really?!?!? That’s hilarious. You should take this comedy bit on the road.

This place turning into an arm of CNN?!?!? LOL!
Look…this place should be a place where folks can debate politics no matter the affiliation or political ideology. Me as a moderate who can swing either way depending on my interests have the right to challenge you or any other right only or left only person. What you want is a right only safe place where you can say anything you want regardless if it’s true or false, fact or fiction. Now if the mods decide to banned those who think opposite of the, “right or die” crowd then this place would no better than the arm of CNN you’re trying to claim.


If he is in violation of the emoluments clause, then he could be impeached. At teh very least, it will effect his next election. as it should.

Are you telling me you wouldn’t care if you learn that he is benefiting from his policies?

And LOL at ‘you wouldn’t have a clue’. What is so complicated about this? are you really that bedazzled by rich people that you think their tax returns are super super special and complex?


You are exactly right.


You’re funny. Everyone knows that. :wink:


As I said, go for it. I look forward to the red tide in 2020 if you do.


You think if you repeat the same thing over and over it becomes proven…it doesnt. Separations of power is a Constitutional argument, not a statutory argument.


Well, well, well… At least we’re getting to the root of your argument… How about you outline what power you think the argument would be made based on separation of powers… Can’t be a 16tg amendment challenge , that give Congress the power to levy an income tax… Is it a right to privacy?


Look up separation of powers on the internet. You need a base to start from.


Are you unable to articulate how this law violates the “separation of powers”? Are you suggesting that congress has no right to oversight?


Oversight is tyrany i see

How did you feel about the fruitless Benghazi hearings.

See that is one of congresses jobs. To oversee.

Which is why they can request and receive tax returns

Tyranny lol

Only if you are hiding something from the committee.



Not at all, I won, albeit by way too small a margin.

I think you might need a mirror.