Dems to request Trump tax Returns


That’s not true.


Financial disclosures have been required by elected officials since at least the Ethics in Government Act of 1978. 40 years later no rulings against it. Give it up. It ain’t gonna happen.


Of course! The reason I want to see his tax returns is to glean if any of his policies benefit him personally.


Have they audited all of his companies?

Are there any companies that his children own that his company pays? Because if a middle man company was created to shift millions from his father to he and his siblings… what are the chances that he is doing the same thing for his children?


You might be interested in the Nixon tax scandal…


The IRS looks for tax code violations. Nothing more.

So you honestly don’t care to know if our president is profiting personally from the policies he is setting for the country?


Boy, is that a dumb statement.

If, for example, Trump was invested in american coal production, suddenly we would realize his interest in revitalizing that industry might not really be about bringing jobs back to WV. It might be about making himself rich.

Or, if he was invested in Russian assets, we might see why he isn’t allowing more sanctions on russia.

Or, his tax returns might show expenditures to russian firms set up to collect payments to keep the pee pee tapes hidden.

All these things effect us.

You do realize Trump is our employee, right? Not the other way around.


How about the Secretary of Commerce secretly being invested in a Russian Shipping Interest?

Why does that guy still have a job?


Probably because Trump is similarly invested.


That’s funny. This goes without saying, but you know damn well Republicans would gave lost their ■■■■ if Obama did the same thing. Harassing??? Yeah okay. Damn partisan hypocrites


If? Might? LOL

It’s your time. Spend it how you wish.


Heh. You just don’t know when to take me literally or when to take me seriously.


Bullying then. Is that better?

This place is turning into an arm of CNN.


Yup. People keep being mean to mr. nice guy.


Well how would you ever know if you don’t see he returns? This is why presidents release them.


George W Bush did it.


The IRS would review financial transactions as to their legality. Congress would look at financial transactions as to whether or not those transactions may compromise the President.


And that’s where the separation of powers comes in. If they are not able to show a valid legislative purpose, then the sole reason for this is to harass the President.


How about J. Edgar Hoover?


With all the known conflicts of interest that trump has? Child, please.