Dems to request Trump tax Returns


But with different stipulations for the PRESIDENT, not just anyone in the executive branch… Only the president may request returns as long as he/she (although the statute specifies him) provides the following:

(A) the name and address of the taxpayer whose return or return information is to be disclosed,
(B) the kind of return or return information which is to be disclosed,
© the taxable period or periods covered by such return or return information, and
(D) the specific reason why the inspection or disclosure is requested.

I do not understand why this argument continues… A first year law student should be able to read the statute and see the very clear differences and requirements.


There is no material difference. None of that prohibits him from pulling any return he likes.


LMAO… Nothing material except the 4 stipulations, the reporting requirements, etc… otherwise, it’s exactly the same…


None of those reporting requirements stops him from pulling them. But maybe Mitch Mconnel and a republican congress will impeach him if he does lol


Are you seriously trying to argue there is no “material difference” between the presidents requirements and the house ways and means requirements? Would you bet a bar card on it?


Sure thing, what is the material difference? Both branched can pull them. You seem to think having to state they they were pulled makes some sort of material difference, I am not seeing it. The only difference is, the President can be impeached if congress doesn’t like why he pulled them, the odds of that happening with a republican controlled Senate are slim and none.


i wonder how many condos Trump is paying for (to house his mistresses) and how many the First Lady knows about.

he’s not truthful so i’m guessing it’s probably 5-6 times what she knows about. and he’s such a crook he’s probably expenses all of them. for 50 years.


You’re right, he didnt sell his farm until after he was out of office.


Psst all that would be in his required public financial disclosures.


What legislative purpose would the Ways and Means Committee etc. possibly have with Trumps tax forms? They would use Trumps tax forms to help them write our tax laws?


A. Schumer, Feinstein, Pelosi…
B. Sources of income and deductions
C. 1995 to present
D. Conflict of interests

There, that wasn’t so hard. And now everybody can go crazy after every other politician of the opposite party.


I agree and as if there are issues that are discovered I want them dealt with as well. I don’t care what party they’re in, if they’re dirty they need to go.


Probable cause? That does exist in the statute.

Shall furnish? That does exist in the statute.



dont need a purpose.

“shall furnish”



LOL. The 4 stipulations make it materially different.



They have had that ability since 1924… Maybe all those “corrupt democrats” stories are just bunk…


didn’t have to do it with previous president since Ford, as they have all voluntarily turned over their tax returns.

The present one has not.

so the dems will do it the involuntary way and look at them in closed session.



No cause is needed.

it called congressional oversight.

If you dont like the law change it.

ohhhhhh you no longer have the votes…never mind.



Those financial disclosures aren’t audited and based on what we know about Trump, likely aren’t accurate.

This is a rich environment for a little oversight.


Decent article explaining the difference between the financial disclosures and tax returns

There is absolutely no way payments for apartments, etc. are included… The financial disclosurces report revenue, not profits and expenses…

Go look at them yourself…