Dems to request Trump tax Returns


Oh my, you got me there… had no idea… rolling eyes… yeah, I know… Back to the question, what “investigation” is need for PUBLICLY released tax returns? Wow us with your legal brilliance here…


Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think what the House Members are instigating is an all out war with the White House.


FIve years of Republican Whitewater Investigations by Republicans of President Bill Clinton.


Like they did with Nixon?


There was a crime in Bill Clinton’s case. In Trump’s case, there is no crime. It is an investigation for nothing. There is no underlying crime. The order from Rosenstein didn’t state any criminal statutes, because there aren’t any.


Ooo… I want this one… What was the crime being investigated in Bill Clinton’s case?


Watch the documentary. I did.


That’s ridiculous. To subpoena Trump’s tax returns they would need to present evidence that a crime had been committed. Fishing for a crime by auditing tax returns is the bailiwick of the IRS (Adminstrative Branch) not the Congress.


Not without cause.


How on Earth did you come to that conclusion?


I have been watching Congress gut Obamacare, pass the biggest tax cut in decades, and open ANWR for oil development. Where have you been?


Uh, you really, honestly didn’t know that this conversation is about the emoluments clause of the Constitution, which has nothing to do with you and your foreign investments?

I mean, you clearly already knew that. So the purpose of your post was what again exactly?


They know they re not going to impeach Trump, even if they muster the votes in congress it requires 2/3rds of the Senate, try and find those votes. And even though Pelosi can be a little crazy she’s not stupid she knows the markets would roll during an impeachment and the democrats could pay for it in the 2020 election like the republicans did when they tried to impeach Bill Clinton.

It’s not going to happen.


Impeachment was never the goal. Trump is doing more damage to the Republican party than any Democrat ever could. I want two more years of this, and if we’re really, really lucky, the Democrats run a doofus and we get six.


To whom, in your opinion, does the law require that the committee show cause? Can you point to the part of the law that requires cause?


we need to know whose pockets that big fat orange weasel is in!


No cause needed. Shall furnish.



I’ve been watching the don-nothing Congress do nothing for a decade. There’s no surprise Congress has abysmal popularity numbers, but I guess we’ve found one of the few who think they’re doing a great job.


Don’t you think it’d be a good idea to know if a President (or candidate) was indebted to any foreign power? Especially in advance of an election?


Did you not know Presidents are required to make pretty thorough financial disclosures?

You can read up on them here.

But they include this item

Liabilities—liabilities owed to creditors exceeding $10,000. Information on
mortgages on personal residences must be disclosed by the President, Vice
President, Members of Congress, and nominees and incumbents in most
presidentially appointed and Senate-confirmed positions

And they are public, so go have yourself a look and see what you find.