Dems threaten to pull funding over sanctuary cities

Isn’t hypocrisy grand?

Dems in Virginia threaten to pull funding to 70 areas of the state that have declared themselves 2nd amendment sanctuaries, and refuse to enforce new gun laws.

It’s odd that when the shoe is on the other foot they threaten the same things they claimed were illegal punishments concerning immigration sanctuary cities.

Oh that’s rich.

I would love to see them call up national guard…be interesting to see what would happen.

As for people of Virginia…I can’t feel sorry for those ■■■■■■■■ that voted a lib majority.


This is getting stupid


The left has been stupid for decades.


Dude seriously?

Derrrrr cons have been dumb for centuries derrrrr.

That one guy is an idiot, steel.

And he’s different than Bloomberg, most of California, and certain posters on this board that want to gas the population how?


gas the population?

Correct. It’s just more obvious when they gain control.

Yup. One of your liberal brethren on this board advocates gassing people and seizing their firearms by force. I won’t name him as a callout, but he posts a LOT.


Well. Not me

I think it would be ok to name someone who advocates gassing people. That’s horrific.

I can see with the Virginia state representatives comment why people who own guns start saying “they will come for our guns“. I am on the right I don’t own a gun, but these type of remarks are not from some drunk at a bar or some left wing protestor but a state representative.

Not good


You rang?

Not poison just knock out.

Yes and we’ve been over what happened the last time “knockout gas” was used.

What was the death toll, 170?

You of course also suggested using nukes.

It’s also a perfect example why many gun owners will never abide by a gun registry.


No I didn’t.

Goose – Gander

Yeah, there are many regulations we can place on guns to solve our gun violence problem, but a registry is not a good idea.

You might as well remove the 2nd Amendment before you do that.