Dem's short term thinking...Imagine a Caravan of 100,000 people

The last couple of day the dems have had a talking point push laughing at the idea the caravan presents any problems, and in fact it’s silly to be upset by a few thousand people wanting to crash the border.

This shows how short term their thinking has become. If you encourage a few thousand to come and they get into the country how many more will think they should come. You can see how this can get out of hand at an exponential rate.

You saw the way the crowd violently broke through the bridge with only a few thousand people. That could happen at our border with thousands more. Had we elected dems how many more would be encouraged to come. Obviously the dems don’t take this threat seriously. Very short sighted …

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What makes you think Democrats want any kind of control of our border or enforcement of our immigration laws?
With Hillary, they would all be allowed in for hearings they wouldn’t show up to and disappear into sanctuary cities where they could vote.

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The wall just got ten feet higher.

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Or we could imagine 100,000 unicorns storming the border and pontificate that.


How’s the weather in fantasy land this morning?

"Hillary Clinton’s campaign sought to make clear she supports sanctuary cities following criticism on San Francisco’s release of an immigrant here illegally who is accused of shooting and killing a woman.

“Hillary Clinton believes that sanctuary cities can help further public safety, and she has defended those policies going back years,” said Xochitl Hinojosa, a campaign spokeswoman, in a statement made public Thursday."

Why stop at 100,000?

Why not 1,000,000?

Or 10,000,000?

Or maybe since…what is it…4 billion or so of the world’s population lives in abject poverty…imagine them attacking us from every which way to live here?

How much would you like to be scared?


Yes, and considering the chaos she caused as sec of state, how many refugees from around the world we she have caused, and welcomed.

Unicorns riding dragons.



We don’t need their votes in sanctuary cities. That’s why the memo from Soros that accompanied their payment instructs the members of the caravan to move to a select list of swing congressional districts.

Keep an eye on your wallet. They’ve been instructed to steal you ID so they can vote and get their preexisting conditions treated on your insurance plan.

They’ve been given the unlock code to have the copays billed to your address rather than paid at time of service delivery, too.

Scary times.

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A million unicorns who have bees in their mouth and shoot bees when they bark at you.

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You mean like the Vietnamese boat people

Why not?.. Imagine a lot more countries heading down the Venezuela path. Their citizens are pouring into neighbor countries to escape starvation and economic collapse. Mexico just elected a leftist since they can’t seem to learn from history. So, yes, why not?

Silly times, as far as this forum is concerned. For some reason you lefties have given up arguments and taken up making ludicrous straw man arguments. Why do you waste your time?

I hate bees.

Yes, I think the cowardly fear mongers on the right are funny, the people fall for it is the disturbing part.

No, but this thread sure is good for a few laughs.

It’s alinsky politics. It’s all they know. Pointing and laughing is much easier than rationalism.

But, I doubt this propaganda push to laugh at border security will help them…

Ben and Jerry’s appropriately used a “nut” in the title of their new resist flavor.

Hillary isn’t President bro.