Dems put other countries before our country

How can Dems put off the wall, and take this annual vacation. They are laughing at your American silliness. Once the government gets YOUR money they spend it the way they want. Having fun in the sun while you fight the snow, weather, and the shut down…Dems refuse including the speaker of the house who can not pull the two groups together to stop the shut down of the government. Nancy has joined the Dems on the beach while our government is shut down, and teaches are on strike because they don’t have the money for American children education. They just do not want to work anymore, and they still get their pay…what a life right? What can we do about giving our tax money so freely? Can’t we demand to pay our own taxes rather than have our job take it from our pay checks? WE could better control how they spend our money. What do you think?

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Fox News Host Jeanine Pirro Retracts False Claim That Nancy Pelosi Was ‘Partying’ In Puerto Rico During Shutdown


Your post seems to be all over the place with your thoughts.

You are blaming Democrats for being “on vacation”, Congress is in session. Meaning, they are trying to govern. Where

I had more typed out but this forum refreshed and erased it all. Frustrating.

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I think that one part of this post isn’t like the rest of it.


Is she not there celebrating a give away Puerto Rico? By the BY I never said Puerto Rico, so I’ll let you tell it. This is about freedom of speech right?

Nope, she’s not.

Look lets be real here for a minute. Our government under Obama GAVE away $160 Billion in cash, and we can’t get the money up for the wall? While our government is shut down Dems are partying down on the beach of Puerto Rico, teaches are on strike in CA because they do not have what they need for American children is wrong. We need more control of OUR tax money to better control the government greed.

But she has failed us by not bringing both parties together. They should be at work! That is why we pay them.

Where is Nancy? But she has failed us by not bringing both parties together. They should be at work! That is why we pay them.

Congress is not in session. We know better thank God for the web. Dems have been able to make a statement, and we follow like sheep. This is not the old days. There is now accountability for what the government does…

No, he released frozen Iranian assets.

Aside: Trump hit 43% approval on his favorite bff poll today.

Do you have proof? A link perhaps which shows “the Dems” on the beach while gov’t is shutdown?

You are not correct. Congress is in session.

Sadly I think the poster was provided some mis-information. Ms Pelosi did vacation in Hawaii. It was while Congress was not in session, and she was not Speaker of the House. The link below provides the muddied explanation.


Lol at jumping all over this completely false accusation while praising our most chilled out tv watching / golf vacationing “President” ever.

Oh man, why just blurt out the answer. I was going to do a knowledge test and ask if they knew why compaing 5 billion in taxpayer money to the money sent to Iran was like comparing an apple to a brick wall.

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This is your proof:

Isn’t that something Mr. “Art of the Deal” should be doing?

Maybe you should bring that up with Mitch McConnel who adjourned the senate- and who still refuses to bring a funding bill up for a vote.

Holy crap! Nancy Pelosi is Bob Menendez??? That should be a front page story on every paper and cable news channel!!!