Dem's propse 3 trillion more in deficit spending -- with limited input from Republicans

They way it appears to be proposed (but we won’t know till they introduce it and try and vote on it probably the same day) what all is in it. But if I were president, it would be stamped veto the instant it hit my desk.

And YES this is the Dem’s doing it:

House leadership didn’t involve the White House or Senate Republicans in drafting this legislation which signals the bill isn’t going far. Liberal Democrats were upset that the earlier four relief bills didn’t go far enough to on direct payments, housing help, immigrant inclusion and more.

Wonder how many house Republicans they have consulted on the legislation? Wonder how many Senate Democrat’s they have consulted?

Now here’s what’s wrong:

about $1 trillion would go to state, local and tribal governments, according to three sources briefed on the proposal.

State local and tribal governments would have to give up any sanctuary status, and allow ANY business to act as the Hotels have been acting in Hawaii to receive any money. This requirment will last for 3 years. If they go back to the old ways, they MUST repay the money. (information on what hotels are doing at the end of the post).

Another round of $1,200 stimulus payments also would go out to most Americans under the plan, with a maximum of $6,000 per household.

My limit: 1,200 for husband, same for wife, then up to 1,000 for kids. Total not to exceed 3,400 per household.

Then a flurry of cash would be allocated to struggling Americans, extending the $600 extra in weekly unemployment insurance through January

Throw in a requirement to immediatly go back to work when your employer calls you back. If you don’t, immediatly cut off all unemployment.

new $175 billion benefit that would subsidize rent and mortgage payments for Americans.

Requirment that you MUST show you could not afford to make rent/mortgage payments on any unemployment beneffits you were receiving (remember folks, the 600 per week is at least 2,400 per month). If you can’t make it on that + regular unemployment something is WRONG.

The plan calls for a new $200 billion Heroes’ Fund to ensure essential workers who have put their health and safety on the line receive hazard pay during the pandemic.

Agree with this. Those who have had to continue working during this time need compensation if those who got sent home get $15 an hour ($600 a week).

The legislation also directs the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to create new worker safety standards for employers.

Must Specify that they new standads must be the least restrictive and reasonable as possible.

The House is scheduled to vote on the massive coronavirus legislation and a proposal to allow lawmakers to work remotely.

No. Congress is one of the essential things of this country. They need to meed in Washington DC. If the Senate and President and staff can keep going, House can do the same.

The legislation also funds mail-in voting, election assistance and the U.S. Postal Service

If states want Mail in voting, they can figure out how to do the costs in any other money they receive in assistance. NONE provided specifically for mail in voting or election assistance.

Funding for Postal Service should also include a re-evaluation of how they are required to fund pensions. Should be stripped back to more like any other business.

The legislation will provide expanded food assistance to struggling families through a 15 percent increase in SNAP benefits.

Not available to those getting $600 a week extra in unemployment.

and the legislation will also add $10 billion more emergency disaster grants, according to a fact sheet provided by a Democratic aide.

Needs to specify exactally what this money can be used for and by who.

Now what about hotels in Hawaii?

After returning to their hotel around midnight, they were again warned by hotel staff to not leave their room. After again breaking quarantine the next day, hotel staff called police, who arrested the couple.

But enforcement efforts don’t stop there. Airport health officials are required to dial the cell number a passenger provides, to ensure it is valid. After verifying one’s contact information, a representative then calls the hotel where a visitor intends to stay, to confirm there is an existing reservation.

“Some of our hotels are issuing one-time keys, which allow a guest to enter their room upon check-in, but don’t allow reentry,” he said. “For first-time offenders, our staff will escort them back to their rooms. If they leave again, we call the police.”

I don’t see one Liberal up in arms over this heavy handed private business intrusion into peoples lives and co-operation with police.

This SHOULD be happening with illegal immigration and should be tied to any bailout by the federal government that this is allowed and encouraged to happen.


Eh, if a pandemic that shuts down half the country isn’t a time to deficit spend I dunno when is.

Y’all all know I hate Trump but find me criticizing him about deficit spending to keep the whole ■■■■■■■ economy form collapsing.


The Republicans wouldn’t pass this bill even if we ended sanctuary cities and Nancy Pelosi had to construct the walls herself. Their friends are going to make too much money in the shock capitalism phase once states are completely insolvent.

You must not have read what I put closesly. Agree it’s needed, but there needs to be some controls

Again, we do need some extra spending, but needs to be targeted this time. Not just a bucket of water thrown and hope it helps.

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If it is as written . . . NO is shouldn’t be passed. Needs to be targeted in the help. Not a bucket thrown on it this time.

Means testing during a pandemic… okay then

I did but at the end of the day we’re a consumer economy and we need the consumption no matter where the bread comes from and that’s what we need to do. Like Dubya telling everyone to go shopping after 9/11. No getting around it.

Yes. Before, the 2 trillion threw a bucket with essentially no limitations. Now it needs to be more targeted. Does someone on unemployment making regular benefits + $2,400 a month really need more foodstamps, and rent help? Really?

If businesses are not allowed to open, we can’t do the spending can we?

Maybe. Where do they live? How much is their mortgage? Guess they’ll have to fill out a ■■■■■■■■ of paperwork unless they get too much of their own taxes back.

Lets take New York. If your mortgate/rent is going to be taking up majority of 2,400 – your NOT making minimum wage. New York has a max regular of 500/week. So they would probably be near that so they would be get 4,400 a mont in unemployment.

Pluess the at least 1,200 they already got. They won’t be on foodstamps with that kind of wages and home payment. They SHOULD have something in the bank to help supplement.

California is 50 to 450 a week in regular UE bennetits plus and additional 600 a week. Do you think someone with a 1,000 or 1,500 a month rent/mortgage payment is making minimum wage (around 17k a year)?

Hopefully Trump will veto any lib stupidity and they’ll not have the R votes necessary to pass it?

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And correct, you do not have to be making minimum wage, or even a bit more, to qualify for food stamps.
You also have to calculate other payments, such as utilities, car, insurance etc. It sounds like a lot, but it isn’t.

If companies don’t get liability protection, why would they reopen?

And if they don’t re-open, how are people supposed to spend this money they are getting/going to get?

It won’t get through the Senate like this.

Yep. Thank goodness. Hopefully…Californians will wake up and rid themselves of Schiff and Pelosi just as soon as politically possible.

If you pay 1,500 a month in rent in California, you have roommates.

Y’all don’t give a ■■■■ about spending. Y’all only care about Dem Spending.